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Title: [ANN] BelugaBetaCoin [BBC] PoW - Masternodes
Post by: belugabetacoin on September 03, 2018, 08:33:10 PM
The Beluga Beta Blockchain

BelugaBeta is an open-source decentralized platform that connects people, companies, and financial institutions. It allows you to move value – according to your own rules – within a scalable, green and customizable ledger.

Exchange value
Transfer tokens instantly, without any fees in an incredibly powerful shared global infrastructure allowing anonymous transactions.

Create payment channels
Design and customize your own scalable tangle on top of the BelugaBeta blockchain and distribute it according to your own rules.

Build your own applications
Create smart contracts that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference.

Current blockchains are unsustainable.

Centralization of resources

Outrageous energy waste

Limited transactional capacity

Slow and expensive operations

Meet BelugaBeta

Naturally decentralized
Hard drives are cheap and easily accessible. BelugaBeta was released without any ICO or premine.

Energy efficient
BelugaBeta is mined with low power hard drives instead of energy hungry CPUs, GPUs and ASICs.

Infinitely scalable
Each payment channel is arbitrarily scalable - BelugaBeta can handle an infinity of transactions per second.

Unmatched power
Transactions made on BelugaBeta payment channels are instant and entirely free of fees.



Thousands of miners around the world are securing the network day and night using military-grade cryptography.


BelugaBeta is ruled by its network of users and cannot be altered by governments or financial institutions.

No more energy waste

True story: because of the power hungry ASIC mining hardware, the Bitcoin network alone consumes as much energy as Switzerland. It does not have to be that way.

With BelugaBeta and its Proof-of-Capacity algorithm, miners use free space on their hard drives to secure the network, and it barely uses more energy than just leaving the computer on.

1000 kWh Electricity consumed per transaction (Bitcoin)

0.0024 kWh Electricity consumed per transaction (BelugaBeta)

Radically superior

The BelugaBeta blockchain uses the Proof-of-Capacity consensus algorithm, ensuring maximum fairness and trivial energy consumption.

What is Proof-of-Capacity?

Greener than Proof-of-Work

The BelugaBeta mining system relies on the existing free space on your hard drive, instead of energy hungry CPUs and GPUs. Because of this, it is naturally very low on power usage. The difference between mining and normal/idle computer operation is so negligible you will not notice a difference on your power bill.

Fairer than Proof-of-Stake

A PoS system enforces centralization of coins (the richest are better remunerated) and is inherently haunted by monetary concerns (51% attacks are fatal). On the other hand, Proof-of-Capacity makes no compromise: anyone can mine with the same chances since hard disks are easily available at low cost.

Naturally decentralized

Most people already possess all the hardware necessary to mine BelugaBeta – hard drives are much more accessible than expensive GPUs, ASICs and complex cooling systems. BelugaBeta is more decentralized by design, because the barriers to entry are so low it allows anyone to mine effortlessly.

A new way to make money

Just plug in your drive, plot it, and leave your computer mining, earning you coins periodically. The more space you allocate to mining, the higher the reward. Mining leads to extremely low power consumption and doesn’t damage your drives. You can still use them for storage or sell them if you decide to stop.

How it works

In a Proof-of-Work system, the network of transactions is secured by performing an insane amount of computations every second in order to validate each block. This is why you have to use hardware like powerful CPUs, GPUs or ASICs to mine. This leads to downsides like high electricity consumption, heat and noise, the need for specialized, non-reusable hardware, and centralization of the mining process by big corporations.

BelugaBeta mining style solves all these problems (and is also ASIC-resistant) by allowing HDD mining – miners secure the network with their disk space. It can be seen as a “condensed Proof-of-Work”: you compute once (a process called plotting) and cache the results of your work on hard disk space. Then mining only requires to read through your cache – your HDD is idle most of the time and reads through the plot files only for a few seconds for each block.

Three steps to mine

Step 1 – Plotting
Miners pre-generate chunks of data (plots), containing all the computations necessary to forge blocks.

Step 2 – Reward assignment
Miners join a pool by defining it as beneficiary who will get the BelugaBeta reward should they find a block.

Step 3 – Mining
The mining software automatically reads through the plots and tries to forge each block.

The BelugaBeta blockchain hosts everything you need for a fulfilling experience.


The BelugaBeta blockchain hosts everything you need for a fulfilling experience.

Asset exchange
Create, hold and trade tokens on the BelugaBeta blockchain.

The BelugaBeta Asset Exchange is a built-in peer-to-peer exchange integrated into the BelugaBeta Wallet. It allows fast, secure, and decentralized trading of BelugaBeta Assets. Because of its decentralized nature, there’s no need for outside organizations or agencies to meddle with its affairs, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced costs.

There’s a wide range of application for potential investments or trades in Asset Exchange due to the fact that BelugaBeta Assets can be used as a token for almost anything with value. Examples of such assets include shares in the following: mining pools, retirement funds, crypto mining rigs, crypto gambling sites and silver investments. Find an overview of the most traded Assets here.

What are asset shares ?

Shares in an Asset are an equivalent to an entitlement of ownership over the Asset you have invested in. A person who buys a portion (percentage) of an Asset’s capital becomes a shareholder and as such is entitled to a share of the Asset’s profits.

Shares that are bought are able to be traded on the Asset Exchange. This can be done for many reasons such as to make your investment liquid, to swap into another product or Asset, or to realize a capital gain on the sale of the share as the market price is higher than the price you paid for the Asset.

Investing made easy

Investing in the Belugabeta asset exchange requires only two things : a BelugaBeta wallet and a few BelugaBetacoins. The BelugaBeta wallet allows direct peer-to-peer trading of assets without any intermediary so fees are almost inexistant.

There are many benefits to owning Asset shares which make it an investment well worth adding to your investment portfolio in the BelugaBeta Universe :

Capital growth : A long term objective of Asset share investment is to take advantage of capital growth. This occurs when an individual experiences significant capital gains from the shares they possess through increases in share prices. Some Assets also issue free or bonus shares to their shareholders as another way of passing on company profits or increases in their net worth.

Dividends : Ownership in an Asset entitles you to ownership of their net profits. Assets honor this entitlement to their shareholders in the form of dividends. Another dividend approach used by some Assets is to have a portion of its dividends reinvested in the Asset. In this philosophy, additional shares are issued to shareholders, aside from paying out dividends in BelugaBeta.

Liquidity : By their nature, Asset shares are a very liquid product. They can be bought and sold quickly on the Asset Exchange platform. Trading on Asset Exchange also allows you to sell part of your share parcels rather than having to redeem the whole lot.
Facilitating business growth

There are multiple benefits to issuing an asset on the BelugaBeta platform. Entrepreneurs who seek investors in order to expand their business can put shares of their project for sale on the Asset exchange. You’re not taking value from other people, you are actually promoting business activity in a wider distributed scale.

There are several advantages given by the BelugaBeta asset exchange, such as :

Simplicity : issuing an asset on the asset exchange takes only a few clicks and a small fee of 1000 BelugaBetacoins. What you need to do is promote your asset and try to attract your investors with trust and results.

Business growth : you can concentrate on running your business and expanding your existing income stream to benefit both you and your investors. No need to lose time and focus on unnecessary things.

Sense of community : be a part of the BelugaBeta ecosystem along with a strong community of investors always ready to analyse and criticize your business choices and help you when necessary. This is a win-win relationship and a beautiful adventure for both parties.

Caution : aspiring asset issuer have to comply with strict guidelines and should expect high scrutinity and expectations from the BelugaBeta community.

Encrypted messaging
Send and receive messages from one account to another.

The BelugaBeta messaging system allows you to send and receive data directly on the BelugaBeta Blockchain, thus allowing any BelugaBeta account holder to communicate directly with any other account holder.

Messages can be attached to any BuelugaBeta transaction, making bookkeeping easy, as you can tag all your transactions with a description.

Messaging is securely encrypted by default, but text or data can also be sent unencrypted. The recipient of an encrypted message can easily decrypt it by entering the passphrase of his account.

Easily fund your project in a decentralized fashion.

Crowdfunding made easy

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. The BelugaBeta crowdfunding feature allows you to create a decentralized crowdfund in a few clicks, and to donate just as easily. Creating a crowdfund is a child’s play; the next step is finding people willing to pay for it.

The crowdfund system is a nice and useful addition to the BelugaBeta ecosystem and emphasizes the community spirit that drives all Belugabeta users. Successful crowdfunds have already been organized by BelugaBeta developers and users alike.

Crowdfunding also provides the producer with a number of non financial benefits :

Buy and sell goods for BelugaBetacoins in a few clicks.

Profile : a compelling project can raise a producer’s profile and provide a boost to their reputation.

Marketing : project initiators can show there is an audience and market for their project. In the case of an unsuccessful campaign, it provides good market feedback.

Audience engagement : crowdfunding can create a forum where project initiators can engage with their audiences. Audience can engage in the production process by following progress and sharing feedback.


The future of peer-to-peer business

The BelugaBeta marketplace feature allows you to list items for sale and make sales on the blockchain. You do not need to rely on external market sites taking commissions to conduct your business. Instead, transactions are done between seller and buyer directly.

Anyone can list anything on the marketplace in seconds. Buyers enter the seller’s account ID and can purchase any item for BelugaBeta. The future of commerce is made with no intermediaries, no fees and no delay.

Get started with BelugaBeta

Joining BelugaBeta is only a few clicks away. Download the official wallet for Windows, Mac or linux and engage with our friendly community on a BelugaBeta forum.

WINDOWS Wallet (!D7pknahL!ARm-NnV8ptVRda3pA0WTDcajZIlMv18iMEOXCeZqmIk)

Title: Re: [ANN] BelugaBetaCoin [BBC] PoW - Masternodes
Post by: FreakCoder on September 03, 2018, 08:34:51 PM
Military grade encryption? WOW!  :o

Title: Re: [ANN] BelugaBetaCoin [BBC] PoW - Masternodes
Post by: mitsukom on September 03, 2018, 08:36:27 PM
GitHub link?

Title: Re: [ANN] BelugaBetaCoin [BBC] PoW - Masternodes
Post by: notsofast on September 03, 2018, 08:43:20 PM
This is a BURST / Burstcoin clone... but with empty Github (per August 23 ANN thread ), stay far, far away.