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Title: NMC Solo w/GUIMiner
Post by: st4rdust on October 29, 2011, 02:33:42 PM
With the bitcoin.conf file set up in the Namecoin directory, complete with server=1 for solo mining, I'm still not sure on a couple of points. Using GUIMiner, does the Bitcoin client path still point to Bitcoin.exe like it would for solo mining BTCs? Or, does it need to point to Namecoind for the purpose of solo mining NMCs? Finally, is there any way to verify that the miner is in fact solo mining NMCs and at what rate?

Title: Re: NMC Solo w/GUIMiner
Post by: st4rdust on October 30, 2011, 01:29:15 AM
You must also have the namecoind daemon running.

This is simply clicking the namecoind.exe wherever you've extracted it to, so that it opens up an empty DOS prompt, correct?

Other than what you mentioned, is there anything else that goes into solo mining for NMCs? Again, does the "Set Bitcoin client path" option need to be pointed at namecoind.exe or left at the bitcoin client it has always been pointed at? And is there anything that needs changing in the namecoind file itself? Finally, I still haven't found a clear answer on whether or not it is possible to see your active framerate let alone whether or not the actual NMC mining process is even functioning properly or simply wasting power and GPU resources?