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Title: 【GDM coin】Takahiro Yoshihira joins GDM!
Post by: GDM on September 16, 2018, 01:18:53 AM

Takahiro Yoshihira has joined ‘GDM’ an application platform to support DJs and artists, which is under developpment by GDM World Pte. Ltd.(Location:Singapore, Founder & CEO:Mitsuo Tamemasa, hereunder GDMW). Whole world will soon be connected real time for 24 hours and 365 days on our platform ‘GDM’ !

■COMMENT from Takahiro Yoshihira
Hi guys! My name is Takahiro Yoshihira. This GDM application is very very very good. I support and join GDM.

■PROFILE of Takahiro Yoshihira
Takahiro Yoshihira has been fascinated by the power of music since the age of 15 and decided to make a career in the music industry. He is now taking the Global Electro House music scene by storm. He is known for his creative work with solid bass full of energy and beautiful sounds. With his track “Akatsuki” in collaboration with British artist Pink Panda he is present in DJ MAG Es. His first Vocal Track with C Todd Nielsen was a first of its kind in the Japanese Electro House Music industry. With a great selection of songs, his Dj set makes people’s body and mind dance. In the near future, Takahiro Yoshihira will be playing at major music festivals worldwide.
In October 2016 he founded his own Record Label in Italy to deliver the latest music to his Audience! His international label “Black Crystal Recordings” promises to bring cutting-edge music with various artists from all over the world.At the end of 2016, he released the track “Lounder” (Get Down Recordings) in collaboration with the famous Italian artist Mark Vox. It was supported by the Dj and producer Dannic and was also featured in the finest dance music magazine “We Rave You”. He was also supported by David Guetta, Ummet Ozcan, Blasterjaxx in HunterSynth and Takahiro Yoshihira You Know How (BANGIT! Records)!
He was chosen as a Wild Card Finalist of the Miller SoundClash 2017 and his name has spread throughout the world. He got picked up for exclusive interviews on “Viral bpm” or Japanese “weraveyou”. Takahiro Yoshihara is continuously getting noticed and working on big collaborations for the future !

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