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Title: Airdrop Distribution Commences
Post by: BRUMHNTWK on September 17, 2018, 11:48:14 PM

The Airdrop drop distribution has commenced already and qualified candidates will receive their tokens in their wallet.

Make sure your wallet account is active, and you have enlisted BRUMH as a trusted asset. You can use the help guide to see how to do this (for lobstr wallet users) or better still visit (

If you are using interstellar, kindly activate your stellar wallet, then click menu, click on Trust, search BRH and add it.

Failure to do this leads to automatic disqualification.
You have the next 24hours to do this.

Why you could be disqualified
1. You failed to join the Telegram group and channel
2. You failed to activate your Stellar wallet
3. You submitted exchanger stellar wallet address
4. You did not join other social media platform stated on the airdrop form.
5. You submitted wrong stellar address.
6. You submitted an Ethereum address and not Stellar wallet

These are major reasons why your airdrop could be delayed or not sent to you.

Kindly join the necessary group (Telegram or Twitter) and be active.

Every information about crowdsale is contained in our white paper, but here is the summary
Crowdsale price per token: 0.13XLM ~ 0.0273$
Crowdsale date: 01/09/2018(12:00GMT) - 10/10/2018(12:00GMT) (

Title: Re: Airdrop Distribution Commences
Post by: MUSTAFA9876 on September 30, 2018, 12:48:11 PM
I have not received airdrop token