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Title: If you must do bounties
Post by: Infinixhot1996 on September 18, 2018, 10:50:22 AM
Bounties might have been one of the reasons for the new merit system,and hunters feel hard done,as most probably were on one campaign or the other without even knowing anything about the campaign project or even going through the white paper to avoid scam,hunters are always of the view that as long as no dime of theirs is invested then a scam project won't hurt,but what about a waste of time that should have been used to garner knowledge about cryptocurrency and bitcoin
 So in my opinion the new merit system will improve not just the forum,but even the bounty campaigns as only worthy members will partake in them,its quite difficult for one with 0 knowledge of cryptocurrency to make 15 posts a week..
  Now bounty hunters will learn all there is to learn,ranging from how to make quality posts,what a spread sheet is, different kinds of campaigns et al,..and this will definitely lead to the betterment of the forum and am swift obliteration of spam posts and posters alike.

Title: Re: If you must do bounties
Post by: matthew1981 on September 18, 2018, 01:28:43 PM
I agree, you see many post are nonsense and very rude, not even a single helpful post. These are the reasons why they required a merit now. Where people with zero knowledge about crypto can't post for example at signature campaign which required a junior member and atleast one merit. I think this is good for all the member who dedicated their time and hardwork to cryptocurrency.

Title: Re: If you must do bounties
Post by: TMAN on September 18, 2018, 01:34:46 PM
WTF with the influx of 0 merit posters in here today with total shitposts - but at least they are trying to adapt hey!

Title: Re: If you must do bounties
Post by: Smarty14392 on September 18, 2018, 02:34:39 PM
The new merit requirements are surely making people go forward and are forcing them to make better posts every time. I guess this is a very effective decision as you can see OP.

Surely, a person having no knowledge about crypto cannot make much post and eventually while reaching the campaign requirements per week they start making low quality posts. But this update would stop all this spamming and only allow quality work to enter any bounty!