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Title: [BOUNTY] 🚨 autoXchange - Decentralized Automotive Marketplace - 30M aXc
Post by: PowerLaunch on October 02, 2018, 07:24:42 PM
Telegram ( | Website ( | ANN Thread (#post_) | Whitepaper ( | Video (
All Participants must be in the autoXchange Telegram Groups:
Main Telegram (
Bounty Telegram ( (
Bounty Timeline

In order to reward the earliest supporters of autoXchange, we've set forth the following requirements for the "Early Bird Followers" bounty.
Participants will be rewarded stakes in this bounty for engaging with our social media platforms. Stakes will be rewarded based on the following structure:
Facebook Followers = 20 Stakes -
Twitter Followers = 20 Stakes -
Youtube Subscribers = 25 Stakes -
Medium Subscribers = 20 Stakes -
Reddit Subscribers = 15 Stakes -
LinkedIN Company Likes = 10 Stakes -

Once you have engaged with ALL of the Social Platforms you want to be rewarded for, fill-out and submit the following form:

The Early Bird Campaign has ENDED! Thanks to all who joined us early! If you have questions let us know on telegram:
5% of the tokens have been allocated for bonuses to participants who go above and beyond to promote autoXchange. These tokens will be awarded by the PowerLaunch or autoXchange teams.

Here are some examples of bonus worthy actions:
- Content Submitted to our other Bounty Campaigns that is extraordinary.
- Influencer Status Content Submissions
- Highly Active in our Telegram groups.
- Continuously Providing High-Quality Content or Activity

AIRDROP: To be eligible for this airdrop you must join our telegram groups, like/follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter, and then complete the following form:

Duplicates/Scammers/Cheaters will be banned.
The reward for this airdrop is 66 aXc tokens per valid participant -- the airdrop is limited to a maximum of 4500 valid participants.
Each piece of content from the autoXchange team on the official Medium Page ( and/or shared in the Telegram Group ( will contain a special 8 digit "lotto-code". To participate you must enter that code within 1 week of the content being published using the form below:

We will draw 10 winners for each piece of content. Each winner will receive an equal share of the lottery allocation. Users can enter each code only 1 time - duplicate entries will be deleted.
Spread the word in your Telegram group about autoXchange to earn this reward!

100-249 Members: 1 stake/post
250-749 Members: 2 stakes/post
750-2499 Members: 4 stakes/post
2500-9999 Members: 6 stakes/post
10000+ Members: 10 stakes/post

One post per group per day will be counted.
Extra stakes: Pin pitch post during the whole week and receive x10 stakes per week. You are not eligible to receive more stakes by posting pitch on daily basis if it pinned.

Contact the bounty manager on Telegram to get your group approved! (

Contest 1: GIF/Sticker Contest:
This campaign will be used to reward participant for creating GIFs and/or Stickers for autoXchange.
Each participant will be awarded 5 stakes per submission.
The top 10 submissions will also receive the following stakes:
1st: 300 stakes
2nd: 250 stakes
3rd: 200 stakes
4th: 150 stakes
5th: 100 stakes
6th: 75 stakes
7th: 60 stakes
8th: 55 stakes
9th: 50 stakes
10th: 25 stakes

All submitted content must be created originally by the submitter.
In the event duplicate entries are received, the 1st submission will be accepted, and the user who entered the duplicate submisson will be subject to ban from the contest.
The entries must be uploaded as a “FILE” on telegram, not a “PHOTO”
All sticker entries should NOT be part of a sticker pack, and must follow telegram’s sticker requirements (No larger than 512px x 512 px, and one side must be exactly 512px).
GIFs must be under 3 MB in size.
All submission must be relevant to autoXchange and must not contain abusive/disrespectful content of any type, users not following this rule will be banned from the contest AND the telegram group!

How to Enter:
1) Create a sticker or GIF
2) Post the sticker or GIF into Telegram with the Caption #GIFSTICKERCONTEST @YourTelegramUsername (Entry Number: 1)
Replace the ‘1’ with ‘2’ for your second entry, ‘3’ for your third, and so on.
@YourTelegramUsername should be replaced with your Username
There are no limits to how many entries you can submit.
3) Register your entry here:
Content Campaign Rules
Promote autoXchange with your original content and earn tokens by:
   - Blogging about autoXchange
   - Promoting it in other forums, on your Facebook/LinkedIn group or any       other social media outlet with a widespread outreach.
   - Creating YouTube videos (including interviews)

Content Creation Campaign Rules:
1. The blog/forum/videos must focus on a relevant topic (at the sole discretion of autoXchange)
2. Blog posts must have at least 250 words and forum posts must have at least 100 words.
3. Blogs/forums/videos in languages other than English may also be accepted (at the sole discretion of autoXchange). Please contact [WHO] prior to publishing content in another language. NOTE: ALL ARTICLES CREATED IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE AND NOT PRE-APPROVED WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED (0 STAKES AWARDED)
4. All articles must contain links to autoXchange's website, the Telegram group and the ANN/Bounty threads
5. Submissions with fake views will be disqualified
6. Only original content will be accepted
7. Spamming/posting in wrong subforums will not be tolerated. Posts deleted or closed by the forum's administration will not count.
Additional: All content creations will be accepted. The form can be completed now but the evaluation will happen at the end of the Bounty Campaign, which means receiving zero stakes is possible, contingent on the quality of your report.
Stakes earned contingent on quality and after autoXchange review:
Rejected: 0 stakes
Low:  1 stake
Medium: 2 stakes
High: 3 stakes
(per post/video)
Reposting on another (relevant) site will earn an extra 50% of stakes (one repost per article allowed)
How to Join:
1. Create your Content (Blog, Article, Forum Post, etc)
2. Complete the the form here:
Telegram ( | Website ( | ANN Thread (#post_) | Whitepaper ( | Video (

Title: Re: [BOUNTY] 🚨 autoXchange - Decentralized Automotive Marketplace - 30M aXc
Post by: sir ocik on November 19, 2018, 09:57:35 AM
#proof authentication#
Bitcointalk username: sir ocik
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=2427580
Telegram username: @sorbansunan
Blog/Article link:
ETH: 0x8523A3E2d30600d7dE9616770A3D607AFff42A30

Title: Re: [BOUNTY] 🚨 autoXchange - Decentralized Automotive Marketplace - 30M aXc
Post by: kurbanth on November 26, 2018, 12:18:41 AM
#Proof of Work

Bounty Capmaign - Telegram Group's Admin

Telegram name - @fireth
Telegram channel - @cryptopravo

Post's link's

Week #1

Week #2

Title: Re: [BOUNTY] 🚨 autoXchange - Decentralized Automotive Marketplace - 30M aXc
Post by: Cryptovn88 on November 26, 2018, 09:42:16 AM
Reserve for Vietnamese translation if needed
Username: Cryptovn88
Bitcointalk profile:;u=2392088
Tele: @Cryptovn88
Native Language: Vietnamese
Portfolio/Experience/previous translations links:
MEW: 0x6df739888281C447958D0292b93923eca508bE6f
PM or contact me if accepted

Title: Re: [BOUNTY] 🚨 autoXchange - Decentralized Automotive Marketplace - 30M aXc
Post by: 0406Antoxa1982 on December 14, 2018, 11:29:45 AM
Bounty Capmaign - Telegram Group's Admin

Telegram name - @AntonKorotkov1982
Telegram channel -

From 22.11.2018 till NOW