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Title: Refreshing an old project. Help needed / Partners / Sponsors welcome
Post by: GameUnits on October 03, 2018, 03:47:32 PM
Hi there,

right now im stucking with my actual project "GameBit". GameBit will be a token used for gambling sites and other gaming related stuff like websites, shops, gamer sponsorings and many more. Until this point i developed the most things by myself. To be honest its very hard work and its very time related. Also there a difficulties with paying a good webhost for my websites which are already developed. I believe for myself that this project can have bright future.

Feel free to have a look here:

If there is anybody who is likely willing to help with i will be very glad about this.

There are already followers, there are people who are interested to invest. It as questions of implementation right now.

PM me or telegram: @danielbhh