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Title: x105 Ethereum Multiplier - 105% in 5 minutes!
Post by: hidecoin2016 on October 27, 2018, 03:56:13 PM
x105 - Multiplier on the Ethereum blockchain

- 105% profit
- 5% commission to advertising
- No one controls the contract

See the smart contract for etherscan:
Secure investment guarantee is provided by an autonomous smart contract created on the Ethereum cryptocurrency platform.

How it works?
The contract organizes its investors in the queue. Let's say you made a contribution and already the first in the queue. Then the contribution of the last entered in the queue is immediately sent to pay you until you reach 105% of your contribution.

As soon as an investor receives 105% of his contribution, he is removed from the queue, making place for the next resident. Thus, unlike pyramids, in which interest is paid for life, here they are paid very limitedly - you get exactly 105%. But then, firstly, quickly, and secondly, limited percentages contribute to a longer life of the pyramid.

An investor, having received 105% may well make a contribution again. But it is important to remember that for a smooth growth of the project the maximum contribution is limited to 5 ETH!

All payouts are automatic!

How to invest:

Send your ETH to the contract address 0xA871e6cF5657A0c14BDA66C7A709ad0c42c42006, gas limit: 250000, actual gas price:

Make sure that you do not exceed the limit on the size of the deposit (not less than 0.01 ETH and not more than 5 ETH), otherwise the contract will not accept your ETH


Recommended gas limit: 250000
Recommended gas price:


Contract address:
English chat telegram: