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botXcoin is a future token for financial freedom that provide a functional token for using our profitable trading robot in all cryptocurrency exchange all over the world. The goal of this project is to utilize trading robot (BOTX App) and build a multi cryptocurrency trading exchange (BOTXPRO).

botXcoin is a platform for the future token that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). In the very short time botXcoin project will release a trading robot application (BOTX App) that can be utilized in major cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world. Final goal of botXcoin project is launch a multi-cyrptocurrency exchange named BOTXPRO.

We treat our investors (the purchaser of botXcoin) as our partner. We care about investments protection we wish to guarantee to the maximum extent.
- 0.2% per-day as reward in Loyalty program
- Trade botXcoin on major profitable exchanges
- Utilize botXcoin in trading robot application
- botXcoin as main pair for all cyrptocurrencies in BOTXPRO, such as BNB in binance.

There are 4 methods run in our  trading robotís server (BOTX App) :
1. Three pairing combination in one exchange.
2. Pairing between two or more exchanges.
3. Pairing between two or more exchanges with arbitrage.
4. Bidding in BOTXPRO by comparing 20 top exchanges.