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Title: [IBB] Statement Release = Promotion !!
Post by: senbonzakura on November 04, 2011, 05:28:54 AM
WINNER 'PEKV2' CONGRATULATIONS !! Winner Promotion : Islamic Bitcoin Treasure Chest IBTC


Get your T-shirts from

FlipPro : For more shirts like Bitcoin Hero come to Prices were broken before but now they are fixed. All prices are displayed in USD-EUR-POUNDS, and automatically converted to Bitcoin thanks to the good folks at Congrats pekv2 hope you like it. You let me know if you are doing any more of these kind of raffles and I will gladly contribute. :) Much thanks guys.

Title: Re: [IBB] Third Statement Release = Promotion Winner 'pekv2' pictures inside !!
Post by: senbonzakura on November 04, 2011, 10:25:10 AM
What's inside the Chest/Box ?

Casascius Coin ? OR  Bitcoin Silver Coin ? Or some other valuable Coin? & some other freebies

What's this chest useful for ?

This small chest we are giving away can be used to store your valuable coins whether it be physical BTC coins or other coins, maybe even some BitBills or other valuables.

How to win this ?

Apply for a short-term loan from IBB and you will be entered into the draw for this chest/box, last month's and this month's successful loan applicants will be entered automatically.

If you win this Islamic IBTC

We only require the winning applicant to take pictures and/or video of themselves unboxing/opening the Islamic Bitcoin Treasure Chest (IBTC) and post in the bitcointalk forums about it and the items contained therein.

2x  1gram .999 Fine Silver Bitcoin coins

1 Share of IBB

1 share of LIF.M

Bitcoin T-shirt

Dirt 3 game  Key

Canadian Toonie & few quarters
What will be inside the next IBTC..........coming soon....... ?