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Title: V-Dimension Project Full-Scale Launch at 14th February, 2019
Post by: V-Dimension on February 05, 2019, 07:14:41 AM
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Title: Re: V-Dimension Project Full-Scale Launch at 14th February, 2019
Post by: V-Dimension on February 11, 2019, 03:29:09 AM
The V-Dimension Project Release and Launch

Title: Re: V-Dimension Project Full-Scale Launch at 14th February, 2019
Post by: V-Dimension on February 11, 2019, 03:33:11 AM
What is VDS?

How would one go about describing VDS in a sentence? The answer we’ve given out is, “it is a Noncentralized Consensus Society Full-Ecology Future Currency Network”, but nobody is going to get a true understanding of it from this.

Truthfully, what we’ve done is not merely a single blockchain project of crypto, but achieved an integration of multiple technologies across the industry, as well as added in a few new technological breakthroughs. Through acme underlying architecture balanced design, takes product concept logic of elegant simplicity to bring to the masses an entire decentralized Internet and financial ecology. However if we must use the most succinct language to introduce it, it can take these as its description:

It is a Super Deep Web that uses blockchain as its foundation and runs on anonymous distributed servers.

It is a Secret Chat tool that relies on a distributed anonymous network to transmit information (the most secure in history).

It is a decentralized MLM network constructed on blockchain transactions.

It is a distributed OTC trading network that can exchange all legal tenders on the globe.

It is a cryptocurrency that can perform anonymous transactions through zero knowledge proof technology.

It is a “fast-track channel” that allows Bitcoin to be anonymously exchanged into more legal tenders.

It is a decentralized, network-wide Advertisement, information-bidding, publishing platform.

It is an open source ERC2.0 platform possessing the ability for smart contract Dapp development.

This is V-Dimension, a defender of privacy, a product of art representing decentralized freedom.

In order to allow everyone to more vividly know what I am saying, please permit me to explain those brief summaries made above, to help everyone get clearly how to use it.

The Super Deep Web that uses blockchain as its foundation and runs on anonymous distributed servers

Anybody who’s played in cryptocurrency knows, ledger broadcasts in any public blockchain are done through master nodes. Every wallet synchronizes this block information, the value of a cryptocurrency is reached through this network-wide consensus of the distributed ledger. Every master node is equivalent to a server in this decentralized network. When we use a completely anonymous wallet address as a network ID to substitute a server’s IP, nobody on the network can differentiate which server is providing service for the user, because the foundation of the entire network is anonymous and scattered, so for privacy protection it’s extremely safe. There is no way for anybody to lock on to these servers and find the people using them. The VID address is a network ID on the VDS private network. Not only that, after the VDS web browser is online, VID addresses may also serve as domain names within this network. Anyone can build their own anonymous website in this network. This is the VDS Super Deep Web created through blockchain, cryptographic and networking technology, to realize internet freedom.

The Secret Chat tool that relies on a distributed anonymous network to transmit information (the most secure in history)

In VDS’s distributed anonymous network, we not only use VID addresses for network identification, we also can use VID addresses as a kind of anonymous personal identification. When VIDs are used as a form of ID, they can send encrypted information peer-to-peer with other VIDs. When network-wide master nodes that act as servers to transmit information, the information in this process is not only encrypted, but also gets transmitted through different nodes, the IPs of these master nodes are hidden, and the master nodes themselves are scattered about every corner of the earth. That is also to say, if you wanted to monitor the chat contents between two parties on the VDS network, you must know which master nodes are currently transmitting their information, monitor these master nodes to intercept the data they are transmitting, and after that unencrypt every single message, this is essentially not possible to do, and even if somebody did it successfully they still have no way to know the real identities of the two parties chatting. VDS hopes that this design can help protect social networking privacy, because without privacy there is no way for freedom to exist.

The decentralized MLM network constructed on blockchain technology

If you want to make use of VDS’s anonymous websites, Secret Chat, and distributed OTC trading functions first you need to receive the ID used across the VDS chain- a VID. A VID is a kind of special transaction signature address, you can understand it as a user account on blockchain’s decentralized network. It does not require a real name to register, the only way to get a VID address is to use your basic address to pay 10 Vollar to another VID, then you will automatically get a VID address. However this payment operation will also bind the relationship between you and the receiver, transaction signature relation locks form a profit distribution chain, which forms a decentralized multi-level marketing network in VDS, we call this network the Trust Stamp System.

We know clearly that a lot of people withhold a few bad impressions towards multi-level marketing. That is because too many centralized projects rely on this kind of method for success to carry out financial fraud, and brings huge financial losses to its participants. However VDS believes this sales model is good, the crux is whether or not we can find a way to be sure the creators are not going to act maliciously and let all the participants get hurt. Block chain technology has very well helped us solve this problem. In full transparency and intamperability, without any “funds pool”, absolute trust is formed between participants. No person has the ability to act maliciously in this consensus network.

Summed down to one sentence: The purpose of the MLM network that VDS has designed is to let everyone not receive hurt, and utilize technological means to completely end MLM frauds.

We trust that after 2 years, if rewards rules and cash-flows for MLM projects aren’t operating on the blockchain, nobody will even be paying attention to them.

However for cryptocurrency, using MLM to make promotions is highly effective. This meshes well with crypto’s decentralized traits. At the beginning when we promoted Bitcoin didn’t we all share mining person-to-person as a DIY hobby?

Under the joint efforts of everybody who joins in on the VDS community, trust among the global community will be achieved and everyone will walk away a winner.

The distributed OTC trading network that can exchange all legal tenders on the globe.

Owning a VID address allows on to use the Secret Chat function, however in every secret chat group there is an OTC trading platform constructed and powered by smart contracts. Anybody can build an OTC trading group, and set one kind of legal tender to make Vollar trades. When two parties make a transaction, the OTC smart contract locks the Vollar, and once the seller receives her/his legal tender they click “already paid”, and the buyer can get the Vollar they bought. If any disputes occur during the trade the group administrator may be called upon for arbitration, which is also to say every group admin is the boss of their OTC trading group, this way countless OTCs will emerge in VDS. This method of sending Vollar opens a channel for Vollar conversions into every legal tender in the globe, forms a decentralized crypto exchange network that docks fiat tenders. Future transnational remittances will be quick and convenient as they will only take two steps; go into legal tender trading group “A” and purchase Vollar by remitting a cash payment to the other party’s bank account, then go into legal tender trading group “B” to sell Vollar and receive cash remittance from another individual.

Since all groups are decentralized, once activated there is no way to shut it down, nobody can shut it down, through everyone’s hard work we trust the world of finance will be made more free.

This could very possibly change the present state of the crypto exchange industry because there are no exchanges that don’t want to dock all legal tenders in the globe and gain more users.

The cryptocurrency that can perform anonymous transactions through zero knowledge proof technology

Anonymous currency has already become the crypto industry’s strongest demand. It is capable of protecting asset privacy, and currently our industry has many different methods for providing anonymity. VDS has chosen zero knowledge proof used in Zcash because we consider this method which been in practice over the last two years as still the most thoroughly anonymous method to date. Zcash published the Sapling upgrade on August 8th, 2018. On October this function was activated and since then has greatly increased efficiency. This allows us to be able to adopt this anonymous technology into the VDS light wallet, and bring better and more convenient user-experience. The VDS chain’s anonymous function and Zcash are totally the same, however the user-interface has been optimized for everybody’s convenience. Regarding the technical parts of the anonymous function, please read the Zcash whitepaper, and thank the Zcash team for their outstanding contributions to the industry.

The “fast-track channel” that allows Bitcoin to be anonymously exchanged into more legal tenders

VDS provides this kind of channel for Bitcoin; it is done through VDS’s Resonance Trade function. Resonance Trade is a cross-chain, one-way, Vollar exchange channel, it can allow Bitcoin holders to directly make Vollar exchanges under completely anonymous conditions. Since in the VDS chain, this exchange is a kind of issuance method. Through the dynamic ratio conversion of the Resonance V-Pool, Bitcoin users can refer to the market price of both Bitcoin and Vollar to determine whether to make the conversion. When Vollar can be exchanged at a rate which provides more legal currency, this is equal to Bitcoin’s sell price improving. After anonymously processing the Vollar that was converted, all of the origination information for this capital will be cut off, then by selling it through the OTC trade groups, Bitcoin users can cash-out with any legal tender in the globe under fully anonymous conditions. Of course this depends on which currency OTC trading groups you enter into. This is the fast-track channel that VDS has designed to allow Bitcoin to be anonymously traded into legal tenders.

In the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, we bring back Bitcoin Freedom.

The decentralized, network-wide Advertisement, information-bidding, publishing platform

Ad bidding is an information broadcast function on the VDS chain. Information with the best bid can be broadcast through the super master nodes to every VDS wallet, everybody who uses VDS wallets can see this information on their wallet homepage instantly. This is a kind of completely decentralized information publishing method, nobody can limit the contents of this information. As long as the bid is successful you can broadcast whatever information you want. We call this function VAD. The VAD design is extremely important for Vollar’s use value as it can allow merchants who accept Vollar payment to accurately and directly find Vollar users as well as send them promotional content regarding their product or service. This application forms currency use value by building the link between supply and demand. Through this method VDS has solved many of the obstacles that crypto faces in becoming circulative currency, propagated Vollar’s usage, and laid the foundation for Vollar to become the globally used currency of the future.

VAD is history’s first decentralized Ad bidding platform, and perhaps yet history will give it a meaning of even higher significance.

The open source ERC2.0 platform possessing the ability for smart contract Dapp development.

VDS’s underlying architectural code is a combination of Bitconi and Ethereum. So it possesses the ability to develop smart contract Dapps, and can take ERC2.0 as a platform to issue tokens. The smart contract logic is the same as Ethereum’s. Said in laymen’s terms, Dapps that can be developed on Ethereum can also be developed on the VDS chain. Thank the Ethereum Foundation for its outstanding contribution to the cryptocurrency industry.

Through the combination of other functions in VDS, developers can rapidly realize value of new app development. Since cryptocurrency is actually a product of the blending of the Internet and finance, we must use an “internet mentality” to think about development, as well as to think about the position that users face when making financial operations in order to satisfy their needs. All in all, the number of users is the crux of success for Internet applications, VDS brings a more excellent experience for users and also provides the best platform for Devs to practice their craft on.

We trust that through technological means we can solve every problem, and that blockchain is changing the world.

For in-depth content regarding the VDS chain, please refer to the VDS whitepaper:

By: The decentralized Financial Promotions Group – The VDS Team

Title: Re: V-Dimension Project Full-Scale Launch at 14th February, 2019
Post by: V-Dimension on February 11, 2019, 03:35:05 AM
VDS Competition for Bitcoin Genesis Game Start

Through two years of design and development, $20 million USD in investments, V-Dimension fully adheres to the ideas of decentralization and pays attention to the user experience of every player. Through the product’s perfect design which makes cryptocurrency even more powerful, the charm of blockchain technology will be displayed for the whole world to see.
On V-Day, 14th February 2019, VDS chain will officially activate, the Genesis Game to fight for Bitcoin will begin.

This is the cryptocurrency industry’s first real-life version Ready Player One fight for Bitcoin distribution rights, a competition of unstoppable circulation, this is the first “re-distribution of Bitcoin”.

The Bitcoin produced by the ICEX high-multiplier phase will all serve as Fission Promotion rewards, and given out to the Top 10 and Lucky 20 light master nodes through Resonance Trade. ICEX will at minimum raise 1,150 Bitcoin. If this number hasn’t yet been reached at the end of ICEX, it means this project startup was a failure and the VDS Team will return the Bitcoin received to the original addresses within 24 hours. If the plan is a success, the competition winners of the first 21 Games including the Genesis Game get this minimum guaranteed Bitcoin reward. This was designed to kick-start the VDS chain, and it’s called “The Spring Rain Plan”.

All the ICEX-raised Bitcoin reward is divided into 23 portions. The Genesis game receives 3 portions (at least 150 Bitcoin), after that the 20 Regular Games each get one portion of at least 50 Bitcoin.

That is also to say the round one Genesis Game rewards are at least 3 times higher than the rewards in Regular Phase games.

Blocks 0-30,239 of the VDS chain (approx. three weeks) are the Genesis Phase. Any VID address can join in on the fight for Bitcoin, use VDS’s decentralized wallet app, and through fission promotions- invite other people to pay 10 Vollar to their own VID address, easily gaining fission-weighted points. At last the VDS chain will count up the Top 10 players to become the Game’s Top 10 winners who will the receive Bitcoin rewards.

Together, through “The Spring Rain Plan”, Fission Promotions and under the stimulation of Bitcoin, the VDS community will rapidly channel in a massive volume of users. Due to the attendance of this mass of users, everybody will purchase 10 Vollar to create their VID address and make Fission Promotions the Vollar market purchase demand will gradually rise, however the Vollar circulating on the market is limited, and this kind of situation will definitely make Vollar’s price expand.

The price of Vollar will continuously climb, it will bring in gigantic returns for Bitcoin users who participate in ICEX, and at last be a total-win for everybody in the VDS society.

Finally, we hope and pray that all participants can reap the stupendous spoils of the Genesis Game.

The Fission of Life is infinite, the Vastness of the Universe is Limited.

By: The decentralized Financial Promotions Group – The VDS Team

Title: Re: V-Dimension Project Full-Scale Launch at 14th February, 2019
Post by: V-Dimension on February 15, 2019, 12:48:55 PM
How to Become Top Player and Win Bitcoin in VDS

I trust that everybody who knows about VDS is interested in how to become a Top Player and get huge Bitcoin rewards (even if there are still some people worried this is going to be a scam since it sounds too good to be true).

I think this worry is quite reasonable, as at the birth of anything that has never before been seen, it will make people skeptical, which this is just about how we felt about Bitcoin, am I right?

The first thing that I’ll tell you is where the Bitcoin rewards come from. The VDS Dev Team hopes that every participant will come to deep understanding of this project and make choices in a rational way, this point is extremely important.

We’ve designed a cross-chain, one-way, Bitcoin to Vollar conversion function into VDS, it’s called Resonance Trade. It can completely anonymously convert your Bitcoin into Vollar according to the V-Pool conversion ratio. This operation not only lets Bitcoin players get more legal tenders, but also utilizes Vollar anonymous function to conceal cash flows, this means that your Bitcoin can once again find freedom.

Since VDS and BTC use identical elliptic curve algorithms, the same private key can be used to get addresses on different chains. Also, every Bitcoin address can generate a corresponding VDS address. The Vollar conversions in Resonance Trade will be directly remitted to the VDS address that corresponds to your Bitcoin private key. I’m sure every Bitcoin player understands the meaning of what I just said.

This is how that Bitcoin used as rewards gets generated. For details on how Resonance Trade works, go read the VDS whitepaper.

What we need to get a clear grasp on is that in Resonance Trades, when we pay in our Bitcoin, it goes directly to the Bitcoin addresses held by the winners of the weekly VDS Fission Promotion Competition. This is also why we call it a “the real-life version Ready Player One competition for Bitcoin distribution rights”.

Only the Fission Promotion Top 10 players can earn Bitcoin distribution rights.

The Game results are automatically wiped to zero and the Top 10 are selected anew by the VDS chain every 10,080 blocks (approx. one week’s time). This is also to say the winners only get to receive Bitcoin distributions for one week’s time.

Want to become a Top 10? First you need a VID address. All you have to do is pay 10 Vollar to another VID to receive your own personal VID.

Then you can also join in on making VDS Trust Stamp Network Fission Promotions and invite your friends to send 10 Vollar to your VID. You get 4 Vollar in rewards from this, and also weighted-score points which the system uses to select the Fission Top 10.

The fission-weighted score is a ranking mechanism designed to balance the VDS Game. Every VID has a 12 level Trust Stamp System. Every time a new VID appears on a level in the Trust Stamp System, the system will calculate your fission-weighted points according to the level that this VID is on. Level one is 100 points, the last level is roughly 0.5 points.

For the specific fission-weighted scores refer to the table below:

As long as it’s within your VID’s 12-level Trust Stamp System, regardless of whether or not you invited the VID yourself or if another person invited it in, the system will calculate it. In the end, everyone is going to discover that this is a game of group collaboration and trust.

However, in the end the Bitcoin you get depends on you. This is because distribution ratio for the Bitcoin you receive is decided by the number of new VID direct invites you make. The number of direct invites you make is compared with the total number of direct invites from all Top 10 in the current Game and Bitcoin is distributed to you according to this ratio.

All said, if you want to become a Top 10 it all counts on group cooperation, and the amount of Bitcoin you get counts on your own personal hard work.

There are no free lunches in this world, but for those with ability and perseverance there are opportunities are everywhere.

Here there will be no room for the pathetic and weak, but will be paradise for challengers.

Here, there will be no permanent failure, and even more so no perpetual success.

Here, there are no mortal enemies, only coordinating comrades.

VDS has started a new field of cryptocurrency games, who’s going to become the Top VDS Player this time?

This is all in your hands. We wish every participant happy playing.[/b]

By: The Decentralized Financial Promotions Group - The VDS Team

Title: Re: V-Dimension Project Full-Scale Launch at 14th February, 2019
Post by: V-Dimension on February 15, 2019, 12:49:11 PM
Only Bitcoin Holders Can Unlock the Ultimate Wealth Miracle

Time flies. Bitcoin is already on its 10th anniversary. Even today I remember when Bitcoin wallets came with a built-in mining function, and the happiness the first time I got 50 Bitcoin off CPU power. Even to this day, I’m thankful for those friends who’ve held this common belief. In these 10 years, we’ve built so many miracles together. I trust that this time, we can still bring some surprises for everybody.

VDS has carried on the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto, continuing on decentralization and the defense of privacy.

Let these thoughts be delivered so as to inspire the modern people to re-acquaint themselves with this world.

Bitcoin players should all know clearly, the success of Bitcoin originates from its decentralized nature. If we were to participate in the ecological development of Bitcoin in its earliest developmental stages, in those early days it was out of interest and hobby. However, the majority of information received about Bitcoin comes from that which is shared among friends- because they have the passion to spread this info with others.

So, for a decentralized product, word-of-mouth is of vital importance.

But as the crypto industry comes to the attention of mainstream society, people forget the essence of decentralization, however this essence is the strongest power of our group.

In order to reawaken this power and solve the problems present in our society; VDS, built on blockchain technology, has designed and developed a system that relies on transaction signatures to connect multi-level interpersonal promotion revenues. Under complete decentralization and transparency, promoters can earn massive revenues and allow more people to join in the ecology to increase cash flows within the system. The final result is a net-win for everybody who participates; we call it the Trust Stamp Network.

The Trust Stamp Network is a fission promotion system composed of interpersonal relationship pyramids. However, Bitcoin players need to activate these pyramids; only those players holding at least 0.1 Bitcoin on the 558,000th Bitcoin block qualify to activate a pyramid and obtain the Genesis VID at the very top.

Based on the numbers from the Bitcoin blockchain, the number of people who hold this qualification could possibly exceed 2 million.

Claiming a Genesis VID is free of charge, no Bitcoin need be paid. An empty private key can still perform the operation so it’s extremely safe.

VDS considers Bitcoin to be the most widely used crypto in the world, a strategy like this can allow VDS players to disseminate to every corner of over the globe, this is extremely important for a new currency.

After Bitcoin players get a new Genesis VID they can earn Vollar through fission promotions. This is the best cash flow system you’ve ever seen. You only need to let your friend pay 10 Vollar towards your VID, he/she can then acquire their own VID address. You will also receive 4 Vollar as a reward for this, and that is also to say any given VID needs only to push VDS to 3 other friends, adding them into the Trust Stamp Network and then you’ve already made a return on investment, however this is just the beginning.

Every VID in the Trust Stamp Network has a 12-level Trust Stamp System, and every VID can fission out 12 VID relation locks, that is also to say any VID can fission out approximately 9.7 trillion new VIDs. After the 12 spots in the first level of our Trust Stamp System are full, any VID that invites a new VID into one of the 12 levels in our Trust Stamp System will bring a 0.5 Vollar reward to us. A revenue multiplier like this will make for an astronomical number, and on top of that this is a never-ending, unstoppable game.

Since all the revenue distributions are clear on the VDS chain, just like Nakamoto’s unstoppable Bitcoin, even the VDS Devs themselves have no way to shut VDS down.

The most interesting part is that this is not only a one-time promotions game, this is a real-life version Ready Player One competition for Bitcoin distribution rights. Every week the system will calculate the Top 10 most excellent promoters to receive huge amounts of Bitcoin rewards, yeah that’s right, Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin rewards handed out for the competition are generated from VDS Resonance Trade, a kind of cross-chain one-way Vollar exchange channel that allows Bitcoin players to obtain more legal tenders under absolutely anonymous conditions. However, the Bitcoin from Resonance Trades is paid directly to the winners of the fission promotion competition.

This is the experience of perfection that VDS has brought to cryptocurrency players, and more so it is the full unification of the power of Bitcoin believers.

In the name of decentralization, let us once again sound the horns of war.

The final victory belongs to each and every one of us.

Nothing is eternal, only thoughts will last forever.

By: The Decentralized Financial Promotions Group – The VDS Team

Title: Re: V-Dimension Project Full-Scale Launch at 14th February, 2019
Post by: V-Dimension on February 15, 2019, 12:52:23 PM
Blockchain Eliminates MLM Scams, and Begin the Era of Chain Promotions

Anyone who knows about the crypto industry should have known, that there are so many scams leeching off the name “cryptocurrency” that are just too convincing to be distinguished from the real thing.. Fraudsters take advantages of people’s ignorance of the technology, steal and replace the concept of blockchain, disguise the scam in the cloak of blockchain or cryptocurrency, and lure people to participate through seduction of interests so as to obtain huge amounts of ill-gotten wealth.

Normally, the rules set and the cash flows for those scams are manipulated by a certain person who chooses to use crypto to cheat money and hide information, or design a private chain whose issuance can be controlled and defrauded, or even so far as to pose website credits as legitimate cryptocurrency. In other words, scams present themselves in a variety of ways. However, they all share the same purpose, to defraud the public wealth. Coupled with pyramid scheme promotion models, their propaganda is amazing. This explains why in some scam-ridden areas, people associate cryptocurrency with MLM scams, it is because the information the public has received is completely asymmetric to the real crypto industry while those so-called crypto players around them happen to be engaged in MLM scams. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine the origin of these misunderstandings. For most people, website credits and cryptocurrencies are both digital numbers on a computer screen with no difference in-between. It’s even harder for them to figure out the difference between a decentralized global consensus ledger and numbers generated in a centralized server.

Wrong cognition towards this industry is the last thing we hope to see. For a burgeoning industry, social negation and distortion of public opinions are sometimes even fatal.

We cannot stop such phenomenon, because the root is not the scam itself, but the public’ desire for more wealth, which is the soil on which MLM scams survive.

VDS believes, there’s nothing wrong with desire itself, and there’s also no problem with the MLM model either. The problem is, when the MLM scheme is controlled by a so-called “center”, the lust of the controlling person becomes a risk, causing him/her be offered with privileges to do evil. Game rules are alterable, fund pools can be stolen, market buy and sell orders can be manipulated. This is the hard truth about scams.

Now that we cannot stop it, is it ok for us to analyze from another perspective, to find the key to the problem and solve it once and for all? VDS believes the crux of the problem is that investment suffered losses bring fear to the masses. So, can we find a way to solve this problem, to protect the people from being hurt again?

VDS has figured out a way to solve the problem, and bring up a new type of MLM concept—Chain Promotion. We define chain promotion as a sales mechanism that runs multi-level capital rules and cash flow distributions on a completely decentralized, on a public chain which cannot be tampered with.

Through the binding of transactional signatures as well as address-to-address payments, VDS has built chains of profit. After a series of rule design and experimentation, our original vision is realized. Due to the fact that it is a decentralized public chain, nobody is capable of tampering with its rules, nor could any center control the money from its participants, there won’t even be any risks for the fund pool being stolen. It is a distributed network that no one could ever shut down. That is to say, it will never stop once activated, unless we cut down all networks around the globe.

VDS regards this as the best social attempt ever to use blockchain technology to solve trust issues. This binding relationship among addresses on the blockchain is like a signed and sealed contract that once established, has no way to be altered. Therefore, we named it the Trust Stamp Network.

The Trust Stamp Network is about to become the first decentralized multi-level interpersonal sales model in the world. The era of Chain Promotion starts here. We trust in two years, no attention would be casted to those projects whose capital rules and cash flow distributions are not on the public chain. MLM scams are about to be eliminated.

VDS wishes to change the world by technological means, and protect everyone from getting hurt.

Of course, for cryptocurrency, such a promotion model is also an excellent choice. It can be said that so far, it is the most efficient, lowest cost, and most compatible promotional model for cryptocurrency. For a cryptocurrency with upper limits in its total issuance, cash flow from a steady influx of users will continue to pull up the overall market capitalization increase, the future price of Vollar will become unimaginable.

This has perfectly matched with VDS Dev Team’s purpose of creating a decentralized global currency. As an independent entity, any crypto that wishes to become a currency possessing legitimate use-value has to enlarge its market capitalization to a balancing point, to counterbalance the fluctuations of the currency itself, and become a currency that most people would like to hold and are able to accept. For example, let’s suppose 1 Vollar is worth $100,000 due to its continuous rise in market value, if its price fluctuation is around $200, then the fluctuation ratio of Vollar is 0.2%. Since it is way below the fluctuation ratio of many decentralized cryptos already, most people would find it acceptable to deal with. We look forward to that day.

The beginning of the Chain Promotion Era heralds a redistribution of global wealth. It is destined to disrupt the current centralized way of thinking, and open up a new chapter in the cryptocurrency industry

VDS will unlock your door to ultimate wealth freedom and redefine the future.

By: The Decentralized Financial Promotions Group - The VDS Team

Title: Re: V-Dimension Project Full-Scale Launch at 14th February, 2019
Post by: V-Dimension on February 15, 2019, 12:52:59 PM
The 12 Advantages of the VDS Chain Promotions Model

Cryptocurrency serves as a product which melds the Internet and finance, active user numbers and market exchange price are crypto’s pivotal point of success, they both complement each other. The chain promotions model in VDS supports these two key factors effectively. It solves the problem of user conversions from an internet aspect, and solves the problem of user demand from a financial aspect. All these lay the foundation of success for the future development of the VDS Chain.

The definition of chain promotions is: A kind of multi-level rewards rules and cash flow distribution, in a completely decentralized state, a sales mechanism that operates on an intamperable public chain.

This new decentralized fission reward sales model effectively solves many of the drawbacks of the centralized MLM model and forms an efficient communication network that relies on consensus trust. Since it can bind the profit relationships between addresses just like a stamp on a contract, VDS calls this function The Trust Stamp Network.

Based on our in-depth research in the cryptocurrency industry and the MLM industry, we have compiled 12 major advantages around the chain promotions model to help participants gain a clearer understanding of the core competitiveness of the Trust Stamp Network.

The first top player competition fight for Bitcoin:

Since now Bitcoin has affected the entire globe, it is now not necessary for us to explain its value to other people. For any person, if they can get huge piles of Bitcoin for free it’s something that’s going to get them excited. VDS’s “fast track” channel which allows Bitcoin to be anonymously traded for other legal tenders (Resonance Trade), is a unique innovation which allows cross-chain one-way Bitcoin to Vollar exchanges. Since all the Bitcoin generated from Resonance Trades serve as weekly fission game rewards which are distributed to the VIDs who earn Fission Top 10 ranking, and also adding on the Spring Rain which kickstarts the VDS project, every week at least 50 Bitcoins are rewarded, so incentivized by these huge rewards, nobody is going to be sitting around waiting to see what happens, and give up the opportunities of this challenge. Let’s assume that every VID user invited just one new VID every week, then the global number will also increase by double every week, huge purchase demands on Vollar will directly cause the price to rise, when the price is continuously rising, market confidence grows stronger and stronger, everybody will know Vollar’s potential value. When the market forms this kind of consensus, Vollar’s success will be unstoppable.

The global fission network jointly created by Bitcoin players:

VDS’s Fission Promotion Network is a distributed pyramid fission network, every pyramid is started up by a Bitcoin user. As long as you were holding an account with 0.1 or more Bitcoin on the 558,000th block height, no matter if this account has Bitcoin in it or not now, you can go claim your free Genesis VID on the VDS chain, and be the boss at the top of a fission promotion network pyramid. One thing to know, there are now over 2 million Bitcoin addresses like this across the globe, which is also to say, this is the maximum number of fission pyramids that can be generated, however every pyramid is equal to possessing the promotional power of an MLM company. In today’s world where Bitcoin holders a spread all over the globe, this kind of power will sweep the world like a tsunami. Discover the might of decentralized consensus, amaze the people of the world.

People will quickly realize the true meaning of what’s said about VDS, “The fission of life is infinite, the vastness of the universe is limited”,

The endless fission game:

VDS's fission promotion network, also known as the Trust Stamp Network, and each person's V identity - VID address, has its own 12-level Trust Stamp System, Each VID can split 12 new VIDs, so under each VID's Trust Stamp System, up to approx. 9.7 trillion invites can be made. Whether you or someone else invites a VID into the Trust Stamp System, you can get fission promotion rewards, which is a very large cash flow system, because even if you have the ability to invite all 7 billion people around the world to join you, you still need to repeat this 14,000 times to fill your Trust Stamp System. This is an impossible task, so for everyone with a VID, this system equals a cash flow system that provides unlimited revenue.

Low investment, rapid returns:

In the Trust Stamp Network, creating a VID address requires 10 Vollar to be paid to another VID address using a basic address. This investment is extremely low. Even if the total market value of VDS in the future exceeds Bitcoin, it becomes the world's largest encrypted digital currency, which is an acceptable cost for participants. Because, its return speed is very fast, directly invite a new VID to join, you will get 4 Vollar rewards, that is, as long as you invite 3 people, you have gained a net profit of 2 Vollar. Who doesn’t have 3 friends? Moreover, as long as the VIDs that your three friends invite are in your 12-level Trust Stamp System, each new VID will also give you a 0.5 Vollar system reward.

In VDS, any effort is rewarded accordingly. As long as you understand the design principles of the VDS chain and introduce it to others in a responsible way, you will find that this is the easiest business in the world. You also will reap the rewards and friendships that you deserve.

Payment is allocated without a funds pool:

When a new VID is invited through the Trust Stamp Network, the 10 Vollar paid by the other party are entirely processed on the blockchain. When the direct inviter receives the 3.5 Vollar direct invite award, the VIDs in the 12 levels above the invited VID will receive a 0.5 Vollar system reward, and 0.5Vollar will also be paid directly to the miners and super master nodes. In other words, 10 Vollar will be allocated immediately, and these transaction records are completely transparent on the VDS chain. Therefore, in the VDS Trust Stamp Network, there is no fund pool at all. In this way, the problem of black box operations in traditional MLM companies is solved.

Because of this balanced design of cash flow distributions, VDS will never crash.

Private, rapid social collaboration:

VDS's Secret Chat Function is the world's most secure and private social media tool. It realizes true decentralized privacy for social communications by transmitting information through distributed anonymous servers. Since it is implemented over a distributed network, no one can shut it down. To use this chat application, you must have a VID as an identity in the network to accept the encrypted information sent peer-to-peer. So in the application’s chat groups, everybody is a VDS player. There will definitely not be a shortage of older players who have a deeper understanding of VDS. If novices have any problems, we believe that they can get the answers they want quickly by communicating with older players in the group. Older players are also stimulated to help because it is likely that all the people he is helping are users within his/her Trust Stamp System, so he/she can get direct profit returns.

The Secret Chat function will provide the best communication platform for the Trust Stamp Network Fission Promotions. Under the spread of such high-speed information replication, VDS will rapidly grow into the world's largest community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Rewards rules written on the blockchain are intamperable:

In VDS, All the Fission Promotion rewards rules in the Trust Stamp Network are made through blockchain transactions. Every VID invited is actually bound address-to-address with a special transaction signature. Through this method address-to-address profits distributions are set, forming the operation of completely decentralized promotions rewards rules, VDS rewards rules are intamperable, unless the globe reaches a 51% network-wide consensus. So the future revenues from Trust Stamp Systems that we build are set and reliable. Nobody can change around our revenues. This will be the most stable cash flow system you’ve ever seen.

A Game nobody can ever shut down:

It’s certain that anybody who does multi-level marketing campaigns has seen a company suddenly close down, or get seized by the government, all that hard work and investment just vanish from thin air. This is definitely a painful experience, and no matter what it's the public that inevitably gets hurt. In order to solve this problem, VDS has completely decentralized the MLM model, and all bonus rules and cash flows are run on the public chain. That is to say, from the day the VDS chain is running, as long as there is a full-node wallet running in the world, all the data of the VDS chain will exist, so no one can close it, even its creators. In other words, everyone will be the owner of VDS, as long as the Internet doesn’t get shut down, then VDS will exist too.

The safest static gains in history:

The VDS chain uses POW for verification and issuance, and 50% of the new currency issued by miners is distributed to the super master nodes. That is to say, super master nodes could potentially obtain half of the total circulating currency of the VDS chain. Such a high income distribution ensures the security and stability of the network. In order to build a super master node and get Vollar revenues, you must use 10,000 Vollar as a deposit, put the currency into an empty address, and then fill this address into the super master node you created. Since you can’t earn revenues if this Vollar gets moved, and the private key of this address is completely controlled by you, even when using an offline wallet, there is no risk to this capital. Therefore, this can be said to be the safest static income model in history.

Frictionless conversions of global legal tenders:

For any investment, revenue redemption is a matter of concern. VDS has also made a historic breakthrough in the redemption of cryptocurrency, building a distributed OTC trading network through its Secret Chat groups, which VDS calls a decentralized superconducting financial network. All transactions in VDS are free, Vollar can be cashed out without any restrictions, and can be redeemed with the legal currency of any country in the world through different legal currency OTC trading groups. Because this kind of transaction is done by smart contracts on the VDS chain, no one can close the trading network. Even cryptocurrency exchanges can use Vollar as a channel to withdraw funds from global legal tenders to expand their business. Bitcoin can also use this feature in conjunction with Resonance Trade to exchange all fiat currencies worldwide for complete anonymity. With the promotion of the VDS superconducting financial network, the cryptocurrency industry will usher in an era of utter freedom.

Even if all the exchanges in the world get closed down, Vollar's transactions will not be affected because VDS itself is a decentralized distributed exchange.

The paradise of hidden riches:

Alongside the increasing number of VDS players across the world, Vollar prices will continue to rise, and countless billionaires will be born in VDS, which is not difficult to imagine. From the beginning of VDS, the protection of the property privacy of successful people was considered. It incorporates the anonymizing zero-knowledge proof technology. Anyone can anonymously process Vollar through this anonymous trading function. The assets processed through anonymity are in the block. The chain can no longer be found, which is equivalent to completely destroying the previous accounts, and in the blockchain, the ownership of the assets can be confirmed by zero-knowledge proof. In other words, no matter how much wealth you get in VDS, you can make them disappear without a trace, and make your riches truly invisible.

Your life will be fully free and no longer bound by the centralized world.

The Devs and community both win:

In the cryptocurrency industry, most of the teams that issue coins hold a certain amount of the total supply to ensure the team's profitability in the project. It can be said that this method has become an industry habit. VDS believes that this approach is unreasonable for a decentralized public-chain project, because the circulation of the team's hands is enough to affect the market's volatility. Once the founding team has cashed in, the investors in this project will suffer huge losses. There are countless cases. Therefore, in order to solve this imbalance, VDS has designed a mechanism where the whole market wins to ensure better market development but still ensure the future benefits of the team. Through the use of a patent fee for VID creation, 3% Vollar is charged to guarantee the team's revenue. Since having a VID is essential to accessing many of the functions in VDS, this can be seen as the selling of a software application. So with this kind of patent fee approach, the dev team and the community grow together as more people use VDS. In order to make the future of VDS truly successful, the dev team has written a community voting mechanism onto the chain. This mechanism will be activated automatically after 5 years. By then, all product usage patent fees will be allocated by the VIDs, and distributions paid to the VID elites selected by the community to guarantee the long-term development of VDS.

By: The Decentralized Financial Promotions Group - The VDS Team

Title: Re: V-Dimension Project Full-Scale Launch at 14th February, 2019
Post by: V-Dimension on February 15, 2019, 12:53:32 PM
How Do You Get Vollar? Play VDS!

As a completely decentralized and distributed ecosystem, VDS will issue Vollar (the cryptocurrency within VDS) without any centralized mechanism. A total of 2.1 billion Vollar are to be issued. Out of this sum, 100 million have been pre-mined and 2 billion will be POW issued. The Dev team will not reserve any share for themselves. All the Vollar will be issued in a decentralized, public and transparent way. For specifics on how this issuance will work, please refer to the VDS whitepaper.

In order to allow participants to more clearly understand how they can get Vollar, we’ve given a summary below:


Earning the 100 Million Vollar

This 100 million Vollar is designed specifically to startup the project and drive VDS’s initial ecological development.

1.Bitcoin users get a 1:1 Vollar airdrop:

If you hold Bitcoin and had a transaction record on the 558,000th Bitcoin block, you can get a VDS to BTC 1:1 airdrop from a snapshot of the 558,000th block. Simply import your bitcoin private key into the VDS wallet to get your equivalent amount of Vollar.
(If you’re worried about the safety of your Bitcoin, just transfer your Bitcoin to another BTC address and then import the empty private key into the VDS wallet. You will still be able to get your Vollar.)

2.Vollar Conversions in Resonance Trade:

Resonance Trade is a Bitcoin to Vollar cross-chain, one-way, dynamic-ratio, conversion-channel designed into VDS. Any Bitcoin holder can go through Resonance Trade to anonymously buy Vollar at whatever the Resonance Trade rate is. Attention must be paid to the fact that this operation must happen through the Bitcoin wallet, and that the Bitcoin private key that made the payment is in your own hands. This is because the Vollar we get from the trade is remitted into a VDS address that corresponds with your BTC private key.
(WARNING: If you use a BTC private key connected with an exchange platform to make Resonance Trades, the Vollar will be paid to a VDS address that corresponds to that BTC private key controlled by the exchange platform. If the key is controlled by the platform, you may not be able to import it into the VDS wallet App, and then you won’t be able to get your Vollar!!!)

3.Getting Vollar Rewards for Initial Ecological Establishment:

In order to rapidly drive VDS’s ecological establishment and operations, the Dev team set aside 12 million Vollar as initial ecological establishment funds to be disbursed to companies and people within the industry that support VDS’s ecological establishment. They are divided into clear website establishment, cryptocurrency exchanges, industry superstars, mining pools, and market data platforms. All task rewards disbursed will be made public within the community and the deposit addresses for initial ecological establishment funds will be open and transparent. Every participant should stay tuned in to this. For specifics, please refer to the Ecology section in the Whitepaper.
(Individuals can receive Vollar rewards by establishing a Clear Web Site. Please visit the official VDS Deep Web website for details.)

Getting the 2 billion POW-issued Vollar

Initially, VDS will issue 500 Vollar every block. Mining-issued rewards are split 50/50 by the miners and super master nodes. This design is to help expand the network and make the ecology better balanced.

1.Mining Vollar:

Anybody can download the VDS client-end PC wallet, set the mining configuration parameters, and use the CPU of a computer to mine and receive Vollar. Your CPU power determines your odds of getting Ledger Rights, and getting these rights means that you will get the newly-issued Vollar reward. However, the amount of new coin issuance obtained is determined by the POW Issuance Mechanism. For more details on this please read the VDS whitepaper.

2. Getting Vollar through a Super Master Node:

You can view getting Vollar from super master nodes as a very safe and stable financial investment. Anybody can download the VDS client-end PC wallet and setup a super master node after block synchronization is complete. Every super master node must use a VID address as its ID to connect to the network, and bind to this a 10,000 Vollar (exactly) UTXO. This 10,000 Vollar UTXO only serves as a deposit. The faster the hardware is that you use to create your super master node, the faster the network is, and the higher your rate of receiving super master node rewards will be.
(The private key with this 10,000 Vollar deposit can be stored on an offline wallet, and as long as no changes occur on this Vollar the system will regard this super master node as effectively working, and it will receive continuous Vollar rewards.)

Getting Vollar from Fission Promotions:

The VDS Trust Stamp System is a decentralized, multi-level promotion rewards system where the participants can get huge amounts of Vollar from Fission Promotion. One can build their own perpetual cash flow system and also channel more capital into the VDS ecology, making the price of Vollar continuously climb at the benefit of everybody in the community.

1.Getting Vollar from Trust Stamp System Fission Promotions:

Participants can get their own VID by paying 10 Vollar to another VID address. After that they can invite other people to join in on Trust Stamp Fission promotions and earn huge Vollar rewards. The Trust Stamp System of every VID has its own 12-level, relation-locked pyramid. On this 12-level pyramid, every VID can fission-generate 12 new VIDs. Every newly created VID that pays the 10 Vollar to you is considered a direct invite. You receive 3.5 Vollar as a direct invite reward for every VID that makes this payment toward your VID. Every newly created VID that makes the 10 Vollar payment to another VID under your Trust Stamp System can be considered an indirect invite. You get 0.5 Vollar in system rewards for every indirect invite. Every Trust Stamp System can hold approximately 9.7 trillion VIDs. This method requires the lowest investment into VDS, but can also allow you to get the greatest amount of Vollar.
(It must be remembered that all the operations for Trust Stamp Network Fission Promotions are decentralized. Every successful invite becomes a transaction on the VDS chain. The revenue-relationships are locked together by this special transaction signature. For details regarding the Trust Stamp Network please refer to the VDS whitepaper.)

Buying Vollar Directly:

There is a distributed OTC market within the VDS ecology; it ensures the smooth, frictionless flow of global transactions. You can also make purchases from the exchange markets, which is the most common way to obtain cryptocurrencies. Vollar, the standard monetary unit in VDS, is both decentralized and open source so it fully meets every platform’s online trading requirements.

1.Purchasing through the Distributed Superconducting OTC Trade Groups:

VDS is not only a Secret Chat system, every chat group possesses the OTC Trade function. Starting from the 30,240th VDS block, every 10,080 block will generate 100 distributed OTC trade groups. Every Sprout VID that enters the Trust Stamp Network Fission Top 100 earns the qualification to startup the OTC Trade function. Each OTC trade group can set one kind currency to trade within the group, all transactions are done through smart contracts. Group administrators serve as the arbitrators to guarantee transactions are fair and orderly within their OTC trade group.
(VDS’s Distributed Superconducting OTC Trade is a completely decentralized and free exchange network. It can put Vollar up for trade even in a situation where there are no exchange platforms doing so, it can also guarantee Vollar and every global currency can be traded barrier-free. It can satisfy the purchase and cash demands of everybody. Once activated there is no way to shut it down.)

2.Purchasing Vollar on an Exchange Platform:

VDS is awarding a portion of the initial ecological establishment fund to the first 51 whitelisted exchange platforms who put Vollar up for trade and then go through VAD to publish the details (so that users are able to find out which exchanges have put Vollar up for trade). VDS can help exchanges solve the problems of legal tender recharge and withdrawal, as well as attract an enormous number of traders. For cryptocurrency exchanges, Vollar is a cryptocurrency that brings operational functions. VDS wishes that every exchange platform work together to build a completely new, decentralized, cryptocurrency trading ecology and provide a highly free, global financial system.
(Exchange platforms that put Vollar up for trade do so by their own free accord. Since the current number of exchanges is already huge, VDS has no way to evaluate the trustworthiness of every platform. Those who make Vollar trades on an exchange should carry out due diligence and judge the risks yourselves.)

Finally, we wish all of you success in becoming top VDS players and getting Bitcoin rewa

By: The decentralized Financial Promotions Group – The VDS Team

Title: Re: V-Dimension Project Full-Scale Launch at 14th February, 2019
Post by: V-Dimension on February 15, 2019, 12:53:49 PM
What is Vollar’s Future Value?

A true cryptocurrency will definitely not be able to tell you what its future price will be. Even though cryptocurrencies were created by man, from a financial perspective, crypto is like gold, they are both intrinsically currencies. The price is completely set by the market. The only difference between gold is that a cryptocurrency’s total issuance is accurate and finite.

We are not going to tell you what price Vollar will reach. When Bitcoin was at $0.10 we had no way to guess its price would reach what it is today. At that time we put CPU overclocking as just a hobby and entertainment, and thought (humorously in retrospect) the fact that Bitcoin could reach $10 was just too exciting. So now we still have no way to tell you what Vollar’s future price will be. However, what we can tell you is how all cryptocurrency prices are formed, including Vollar’s. Hopefully, this will help you judge the price for yourself and get the logic behind how Vollar’s price comes to be whatever it is.

First, you must use a decentralized mindset to view cryptocurrency, you have to know that the value of any cryptocurrency is the product of a collective consensus of values in a particular context and time frame. They are not like centralized currencies where the prices are set by governments, nor do they generate financial crises.

The price of all currencies (including fiat) is continuously fluctuating; “stable currency” doesn’t exist, it never has. This is a fake expression used to manipulate the way the masses think.
If you comprehend the meaning of these two sentences, then you will be able to grasp the contents I’m sharing below. Of course if you don’t follow what I’m talking about, I don’t think you need to waste too much time here listening to me.

An extremely simple formula can tell us how the value of a commodity is formed in a free market. That is within a set time frame

“commodity transaction price = total cash flows into the market / the current market exchange amount”

Simply said, the more buyers that there are, the higher that the price will go, and the more sellers there are, the lower the price will drop. The emergence of a price is a game between the buyers and sellers.

So when we judge the price of a cryptocurrency, we must actually pay attention to is how we can effect these two sides to market fluctuation. A largely increasing number of participants and confidence about future price are both pivotal for a cryptocurrency.

Also the more scattered around that currency holders are, the more stable value consensus is and the less likely that the value will be manipulated, and this in turn adds more legitimate value.

Vollar is the standard unit of currency within VDS. At the time it was designed, we paid extreme attention to elements mentioned above because the price of crypto will directly affect market confidence, and market confidence effects the rate at which the entire ecology develops.

First let’s cover the issues of the market’s cash in-flows and Vollar dispersing issuances. The Trust Stamp Network is designed to provide a great solution to these. Since you can get sumptuous returns, VDS participants will be motivated to engage in Trust Stamp System Fission Promotions. Only VIDs are eligible to make Fission Promotions. In order to become a VID, every participant must pay at least 10 Vollar. This not only brings new cash flows into the market, but also makes Vollar holders more and more scattered about the globe. This covers the first prerequisite for raising Vollar’s price.

Don’t underestimate this 10 Vollar. You should know the Trust Stamp Network is a multi-level promotional pyramid system based on blockchain technology; it links payment relationships through transaction signatures. Every VID can invite roughly 9.7 trillion new VIDs. Driven by this fission mechanism, for Vollar (whose issuance is limited to just 2.1 billion) even a single individual is capable of pushing up the price. This is the magnificence of math, an inevitable result of sophisticated calculations.

Second, the transaction volume on the market is basically whatever the people making trades wishes; they have a choice as to whether or not they will sell their commodity. Yes, cryptocurrency is a kind of commodity. When VDS was being designed, in order to make people want to be Vollar holders even more, and reduce the amount of Vollar available for trades, we designed in rewards for the super master nodes. When holders deposit their 10,000 Vollar UTXO and bind it to a super master node, the reward mechanism is activated. This operation not only can let holders handle Vollar themselves, it also receives income from new coin issuance and VAD bidding revenues.

As the number of super master nodes grows, more and more Vollar will be locked up in these deposits. After adding on the huge cash flows from Fission Promotions, purchasing power will continuously go up. This will make Vollar’s price rise, which will then bring up confidence in the market for holders. As market confidence grows, it makes more people want to hold Vollar for the long term, which then puts Vollar into a cycle of rapid price rise.

The VDS design still has many more features that will make Vollar’s price rise. Vollar is a cryptocurrency that is designed to increase in price.

Since, as an independent economic entity, if a cryptocurrency becomes a true globally usable currency, price fluctuations must be kept within a relatively stable range. However, to do this the total market value needs to reach a certain scale. When the fluctuations come closer and closer to a rate that more and more people can accept, it possesses what is needed to be a usable currency. This is of vital importance for the future development of the VDS ecology.

Regarding Vollar’s price, I think everybody has the answer in their own hearts. According to the industry experience of years past the best way to deal in deflationary investments is to choose the right product, and then hold it as long as possible. You should know in this industry the truly successful are investors that hold onto it and don’t get shortsighted on investment opportunities. Of course a prerequisite is that what you are holding is definitely a cryptocurrency.

Let’s let time test the theories and logic behind our design, let the market prove VDS and Vollar’s future worth, because the fission of life is infinite, the vastness of the universe is limited.

Title: Re: V-Dimension Project Full-Scale Launch at 14th February, 2019
Post by: HubiExchangeAlliance on March 18, 2019, 02:02:11 PM
V-Dimension (VDS) will be launched on Hubi Global Digital Asset Exchange Alliance( on March 19, 2019 (UTC+8). Deposits will be available from 14:00, March 19, 2019 (UTC+8).

Welcome to Hubi trading VDS !

Title: Re: V-Dimension Project Full-Scale Launch at 14th February, 2019
Post by: Steelelau on March 18, 2019, 02:08:22 PM
When is the  trading available?

Title: Re: V-Dimension Project Full-Scale Launch at 14th February, 2019
Post by: HubiExchangeAlliance on March 18, 2019, 02:29:13 PM
When is the  trading available?

Please pay attention to the official announcement.

Title: Re: V-Dimension Project Full-Scale Launch at 14th February, 2019
Post by: HubiExchangeAlliance on March 18, 2019, 02:30:58 PM
When is the  trading available?

Please pay attention to the official announcement.

Title: Re: V-Dimension Project Full-Scale Launch at 14th February, 2019
Post by: ufantomas on June 15, 2019, 08:52:42 AM
this is scam coin. No support, wallet super long time synchronization, wallet losts transactions, no community.

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Post by: vollarbelangfx on September 07, 2019, 04:32:09 PM
discord link : (