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Title: Traps.One - The 1st Multi-PVP game on Tron Network
Post by: TrapsOne on February 06, 2019, 07:33:38 PM
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The Tron network has already become globally-recognized blockchain. Under the leadership of Justin Sun, Tron has succeeded in creating a blockchain that is decentralized, zero transaction fees, and high transition speeds. Using Solidity, anyone can a stable and reliable decentralized application. A good example of this is Tronbet, which is a gambling application that uses smart contracts to ensure fair and transparent payments, settlements, and odds calculations, effectively shattering the notion that decentralized applications cannot be anything more than rudimentary.

Taking this a step further, we created , the very first multi-PVP game on the Tron network! The game borrows from the popular concept from, but adds the ability to play for real money in the form of TRX tokens. The game is simple to play and easy to control. You simply move your player around the board you're your mouse, chasing other players around the board, sometimes splitting yourself up into multiple smaller players, and all with the aim of eating other players and taking their TRX.

Players also have customization options, like permanently reserving a preferred username or changing skins, plus a number of other profile settings. And, because its decentralized, you simply need to install Tronlink and you can store and manage all of your settings and rankings. We invite you to try out our beta version and receive rewards for being an early-bird user. The first 250 people to join the telegram group will receive a special invitation link that entitles you to 10% of all future game vig of friends who register via your link. Rewards are paid out on a daily basis. Just remember to give your public key for your Tron account to the admin in the telegram group.

Keep in mind, though, that is not just a game, it's a look at what it is possible to create on the Tron Network. And, as we unveil our roadmap, we look forward to input from players and from the Tron community, in general, to create something truly exceptional and enduring.

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Title: Re: Traps.One - The 1st Multi-PVP game on Tron Network
Post by: TrapsOne on February 11, 2019, 02:24:36 PM
Lets see the Highlight Reel