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Title: [Auction] iPhone App Sale - Full Source Code and Project
Post by: marig0l on March 11, 2014, 11:27:15 AM
HI, I am new to this board and I want to sell my ios-App for Bitcoins.


Name: YouTune
Description: It stream the whole YouTube content as mp3 to your iPhone, also include are the server side scrypt-php - codes to handle
the requests from the app and to download and convert the songs. There is no other app out in the jungel, so its 100% unique.
You did not only get the source code but also the whole app will be transferred to your itunes-connect account.

Watch, and read the description on the vimeo video: (
Screenshot:,JtINEak#0 (,JtINEak#0) .....,JtINEak#1 (,JtINEak#1)

Starting bid:

Buy it now:
BTC 19

End date and time:
15 April

Payment methods accepted:
Bitcoin - Escrow

Additional information:
Any questions please contact,
*) full native ios source code Project (xcodeproject)
*) full server side php and mysql database scrips and files