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Title: [ANN] [Pre-sale] [Airdrop] Buy a lesson coin - just simply want to lie you
Post by: hjj199813 on March 09, 2019, 02:57:41 PM
First of all, I am very sorry, this article is translated by Google. If you don't understand, please see the original text and use Google Translate.
lesson means that when you are cheated, you have experience,this is called lesson
original: (
icon: (
Coin type: [ERC-20]
Coin name: Buy a lesson (BAL), but it displayed in the wallet is BAL3,I'm feeling a little sick.
Website: I can't do it ,Because I didn't learn it.
Coin apply: you can buy an impressive lesson
Coin icon: tentatively the above picture, but I can't.
Total: 25000000
Contract address:
The goal of buying a lesson currency is not to become a currency of circulation, not to fly into space, not to unite the world, but simply to let you buy a lesson. Because I feel that you have not received enough lessons, the money has not been cheated, so I want to lie to your money before your money is not cheated.
ico price:
0.1ETH 10000 tokens
1ETH 50000 tokens
10ETH 30000 tokens
100ETH 1000 Token
1000ETH Please take my private key.
ETH sending address: 0x8d99AFF8bB0E7d49d0982a2977C7b5B2a8fbB1df
As for why the more money the less coins ------- you have to think like this, anyway,  you are buying a lesson, do not care about how much worthless things, Do you understand?

Itís difficult to get a free airdrop to BAL(3). You need to write down the most expensive lesson you bought here, as well as your psychological activities at the time (note the richness of the description and the rhetoric). And your most kind regards to the liar.
Number of airdrops:
1. According to the number of deceived dollars multiplied by 10, if you are cheated 10,000, I will give you 100,000, if you are cheated  2510000, then I have no coin for you, can only hug you.
2. Write down your cheated experience, the worse the process, the more twists and turns, the longer you are cheated, the more you give. If you are cheated without a story, Then I won't give you any coin, including the ones on top.
3. The richer the psychological activities described, the more delicate the description, the more rhetorical methods used, the more words, the more you give. 1-100000. If you think and get more and more angry, then take a video of you Hit the phone or computer, or Broken thigh(Describing it as very regrettable.

).with an extra reward of 200,000.
4. The more gracious your greetings to the swindlers, the more I will give you, ranging from 1-100000. If you can reach a new height - for example, let me laugh,
Additional reward 200,000

Egg Reward: After the event, the netizens selected the four worst lessons. The first prize was 500,000, And I laughed at it myself for a year.. The second rewarded 300,000, mocking 12 hours, and extra rewards a kiss ; the third place rewards 100,000, And will be set to buy a lesson coin icon; the fourth is directly dragged out to kill, why? You can't even get into the top three even if you are cheated. You said that you have any use?

In addition, If you're being lied to more, please contact me., I will appoint you as a mascot to buy a lesson.

I hope that everyone will stand up and throw their eyes away.(丢人现眼)

Title: Re: [ANN] [Pre-sale] [Airdrop] Buy a lesson coin - just simply want to lie you
Post by: hjj199813 on March 10, 2019, 02:19:18 PM
no one?