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Post by: ClintonJ on March 14, 2019, 07:20:21 PM
My general query: i have 25 wallets , and got some individual ERC 20 tokens, now i want to centralize them to one eth wallet. For safety reason i never shared it on online and never made online transaction using metamask or by these types of stuffs. For this i used offline cold transfer through MyEtherWallet. By this i genrally created a RAW transaction (Signed Transactions ) in offline pc ( not connected to internet) and then publish it to online pc through ettherscan or mew.

Now i am facing problem because it consumes lot of time.

Solution 1
I need to generate the RAW transactions of same token from different wallet all at once. Then i will publish later from online pc

Solution 2
I have to create the smart contract to make multiple transaction from different wallets through batch transaction .

Hope you get my query. Please help me to make a solution.