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Post by: ThePuppetMaster on March 26, 2019, 09:54:25 AM
ATTENTION: Anyone who has played in this casino may have been ripped off on their winnings as I was.  I played SIC BO (macau) and wagered on the 3 dice to come up 6,6,5 which equals 17.  At the number 17 itself pays 50 to 1, so does the wager 6,6,5.  However, according to the witt and wisdom of "Mark"  is must come up in the exact order which is listed on the game replay of 5,6,6.  What he does not realize is there is no bet for 5,6,6 and that in fact the bet for 6,6,5 encompases the 5,6,6 as well as the 6,5,6 wagers since there is 3 possible outcomes for that bet.  Therefor ripping me off 50 to 1 on my wager by not paying me.  As a matter of face I brought this to his attention.  And his way to solve it was to disconect chat.  The ignorancve and incomnpatance and thievery at this casino should be avoided at all cost.  And if you happen to be like me, you may want to go back through everything you have wagered at this casino to make sure you were properly paid for and not just stolen from.  BITCOINCASINO.US  I hopte this post costs you more than that stolen bitcoin from me.