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Title: [ANN][ICO] Digital Advertising Platform, Programmatic, Header Bidding, RTB
Post by: Pricesetter on March 31, 2019, 04:37:49 PM

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Price Setterís Master Hybrid Ad Exchange will host a Master RTB database.  Millions of advertisers will be able to store and maintain their bidding data and bidding parameters in the Master RTB data base via their representative ad agencies and/or Demand Side Platforms (DSPís). Clone RTB databases will be created and integrated with  individual partner ad exchanges and/or Supply Side Platforms (SSPís).

Publishers will also integrate with Price Setterís Master Hybrid Ad Exchange and  store and maintain their data there.

All RTB auctions will take place via clone data bases and ultimately processed by Price Setterís Master Hybrid Ad Exchange. This unique feature will facilitate the integration of millions of advertisers and publishers which can equally be accessed by partner ad exchanges and/or (SSPís).

By reversing the existing supply chain structure from multiple ad exchanges and multiple DSPís interacting with multiple segregated RTB data bases, to a new central Master Hybrid Ad Exchange and a Master RTB data base every team player wins.

Say goodbye to high latency programmatic waterfalls and high latency header bidding multiple simultaneous auctions. Say hello to the soon to be broadest, most efficient, lowest latency, true RTB  Master Hybrid Ad Exchange with the largest advertiser and publisherís RTB data base.


Real Time Bidding latency
Use of programmatic waterfalls
Use of header bidding and simultaneous auctions through multiple ad exchanges
User data abuse bot clicking fraud
Intermediary commission
Treats from non-practicing patent assertion entities

Fraud deterrence
Ad dollar paid to publishers (80% to 90%) of bid amount
Ad targeting accuracy
Number of participant publishers and advertisers
Elimination of intermediaries between publishers and advertisers
Number of advertisers in the RTB data base
Bid amount