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Title: [Guide] Steps to do KYCs of forum
Post by: lobcmt2 on April 01, 2019, 01:24:31 AM
Guide on steps to do KYCs of forum

Welcome to the new era of forum!

Form now on, 1st April of 2019, the forum requires KYC to be able to use it.
There is topic created by admin, theymos: KYC now required (
Below, I will guide you, who don't not know how to do KYC of the forum.
Please do it as soon as possible before the end of 1st April, if you won't finish it before the end of today, you won't be able to use the forum anymore, and you won't have second chance to do your KYC.

1. The news of the forum
When you type into your browser, then enter, you will see this news in the top corner on the left.

2. Messeage after logging in

3. Clicking on the link to start doing your KYC
Please remember to do fill all information required in the form.
The most important thing you have to type is all of your crime (at least 1).

Next, you should list all your romantic partners (past, present, future):

Personally, I typed @theymos for all three periods, because I fall in love with him since the first day I join the forum.

4. Finish your KYC
After KYC finished you will see the message like that.

There are bunches of potential results for your KYC, that you can visit my another topic to get them.
Collection of's KYC icons (

Hurry up, you have only 24 hours to finish your KYC.
Please contact me via PMs if you got troubles with your KYCs and need help from me.
I am always been here to help you.

Best wishes bitcointalkers,