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Title: Miner Hosting in Siberia by Rabinovitch
Post by: Rabinovitch on April 11, 2019, 03:09:44 AM
Greetings miners!

If someone is interested to host their miners at facility with relatively low electricity cost ($0.07 per kWh, service fee is included), you are welcome!

I'm personally control your equipment. I take hashblades to repair if necessary. I take all the fuss. I can even buy the miners for you here in Russia, so you don't need to care about shipping it to me. You send funds, I buy asics for you and place it to our mining-hotel. "No frills, no fuss".  8) No cheating.

The site where the miners are placed is relatively far from the city, so there are no any outmans or rubbernecks nearby. Though there are a video surveillance and alarm system, so as 24 hour security guard presence.

It looks like this (the picture is watermarked with my other nickname from other forum):

Yep, there is no too much Feng Shui there, but it is working since the end of 2017.

PM me for details if interested. Discounts for large placements of the asics. ;)