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Title: Running cgminer with NewPac and bfgminer with MoonLander2 on same Pi?
Post by: dfib on April 16, 2019, 10:28:46 PM
Has anyone had success running instances of bfgminer and cgminer simultaneously on a raspberry pi?

I have a couple moonlander2 miners on a gekkoscience hub that run great with bfgminer.

I can also run a couple NewPacs on a hub without a problem using cgminer.

However when I try to run both the bfgminer throws an "input/output" error.  (cgminer continues to run fine)

Raspberry pi is a model 3 b+ running raspian stretch 9.8

Both bfgminer and cgminer are the latest version.  (CG miner is not the auto-tune beta version)

Any help would be appreciated, or confirmation it can't be done and I'll just pick up another pi... ;D