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Title: Help Help Help FUTURENET==> adpro and FuturoCoin
Post by: alvin1168 on April 18, 2019, 06:02:29 PM
Hi everybody
I come from Vietnam
Do you know about this company in Polan?
Futurenet company
I joined the site from July 2018.
1 promotion package 50usd
120 days will earn 60usd
and I continually reinvest
Everything went smoothly and my advertising package was 75 packages
1 day earn 26usd
But the dream of making money is about to melt
2019 since upgrading to version 2.0 and using FTO currency
More than 2 months version 2.0 has not been completed and I doubt their professionalism about program programming.
and in these times they have a meeting with investment leaders in Dubai.
Information about the meeting about developing all things is confidential and the team leader does not tell the subordinates.
And the last problem is watching adpro ads
75 packages of 1-day advertising commissions are only 0.5 usd.

They promised but failed.

The polan friends can denote this FUTURENET company

or teach me how to write denunciations.

Thank you

Title: Re: Help Help Help FUTURENET==> adpro and FuturoCoin
Post by: wwzsocki on May 03, 2019, 11:26:38 AM
...Do you know about this company in Polan?...

Yes, I know about this company from the very beginning and when they started to follow the Traffic Monsoon path I knew it won't last long before they fail and scam people.

If you still can, then withdraw your earned money and run away, because you will never see your money again.

If this is not possible to withdraw anymore, I don't think there is something you can do from Vietnam by yourself.

You have to join together with other scammed people (like T.M community) and file a case against Futurnet.

There is always hope that the law forces will size some money from the company bank accounts if there are still any.

At least they go to jail but this is not the answer you are waiting for.