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Plus7Eleven - Smart Application

Cheryl And Nakachain

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Our company is a technology research association founded in 20/2/2018
This association is organized by a group of 8 members and many other support professionals in many different countries
Team decided to develop an automated FOREX trading system with built-in risk management functions. Parts of this product are now being integrated into the Application E7E

Team Founded
Tokens E7E, Including 8 official members and more than 30 members support Other has decided to develop
Foundation. Plus7eleven Chain
The founding team is also based on the Chain Ethereum Blockchain technology

Nakachain: CEO & Co-Founder

Application E7E CEO
Software Engineer with 10 years of experience in developing and deploying smart contracts and dapps. He has run a local crypto investment club and set up local meetups for new investors.

Kittilath: Co-Founder

Blockchain Entrepreneur, Blockchain-Crypto Advisor and Evangelist, Electrical Power Engineer, DST TCP Specialist (O&G) who has been involved in the Blockchain space since 2014

Michael:  Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Technology Enthusiast and an active member of Japan Cryptocurrency Research Association, Blockchain technology community in Tokyo University and Waseda University.
Software Project Manager, Blockchain Writer / Content Marketer, Fintech Enthusiast and Crypto Investor.

Cheryl: Co-Founder and CMO of the E7E

Cheryl has a wide range of hands-on expertise, including working with political parties, public companies, and private businesses in the business-to-business, business-to -consumer arenas, as well as the evolving cryptocurrency space. Cheryl unique combination of experience and business skills makes her services highly sought after, and her advice and consultation invaluable to her many clients.

Our Roadmap to launch and scale E7E  
Q1. 2018
(February . - Mar.)
Core Team & Advisor Buildout

Q2. 2018
(Apr. - Jun.)
Continued to develop team and partnerships

Q4. 2018
(Oct. - Dec.)
Started development of smart contracts

Q1. 2019
(February . - Mar.)
Started development of smart contracts

Q2. 2019
(Apr. - Jun.)
7E Wallet and core functionality implementation and Application E7E
Bounty Token KYC & Distribution

Q3. 2019
(Jul. - Sep.)
Start Launch of Application E7E within the present E7E Mobile Application involving flow of use ( including token exchange)

Q4. 2019
(Oct. - Dec.)
Complete Full Smart Contract into E7E Platform, tested Operating payment applications.
Launch Micro-task

Q1. 2020
(Jan. - Mar.)
Develop and Further Customize E7E Application.
Transition Plus7eleven Chain onto the Blockchain

Q2. 2020
(Apr. - Jun.)
Launch of E7E Ecosystem on Blockchain (E7E dApp Ecosystem)
Launch of E7E  Protocol

Q3.Q4. 2020
(Jul. - Sep.) (Oct. - Dec.)
Ecosystem Build out: Collaborate with strategic partners to offer more services as well as shopping opportunities within the E7E App

The Vision and mission 7eleven  

We keep innovating the ways to harness the power of blockchain technology to facilitate financial inclusion. At Plus7eleven, we want to make digital currencies to be more accessible to more people across the borders and further increase the value of digital currencies for all.
The goal of 7E by 2025 will serve 1.5 billion people on the E7E global platform

Why Plus7eleven Open Platform  

To provide developers increased use cases and token user base by supporting offline and online payment of their custom tokens in E7E ecosystem.

To provide token holders and users more places and scenarios to use their various digital assets easily.

To encourage merchants to adopt digital asset payment, from various ERC20 tokens and various custom-made cards, to other digital assets on different blockchains.
Advantages for blockchain developers

Little to no product development costs. Developers, token issuers, or merchants will be able to circulate their digital assets throughout E7E global network or in their own private network. You can easily access both online and offline crypto users to grow your user base while harnessing the power of blockchain technology.

Benefits to users

Tokens listed on Plus7eleven Open Platform will comply with global security and compliance standards. Users will have peace of mind when using tokens across E7E Wallet,
making blockchain-based digital assets a choice for everyday payment.

Technology – Architecture  

Architecture Overview

The Wallet Application E7E  is a mix of current state-of-the-art technologies. The trading side of it is familiar from Stocks, Forex, etc., while the connectivity between Wallet Application E7E and telcos resembles that of a virtual operator. The technological challenges there are well known and defined.

Component Overview

E7E Web-app
The 7eleven Web-app allows market participants to view quote feeds, see the order book and market depth, place buy/sell orders, review portfolio, order history, etc. It is analogous to FOREX trading terminals such as MetaTrader.

E7E mobile app
The mobile app is a simplified version of the Web-app. It allows the user to see quote charts and place basic orders, as well as see current portfolio and E7E balance.

Plus7eleven Chain security  

We approach security from a 360-degree perspective: operational, technical, organizational, and legal. Our real-world solutions help customers operate in a global economic environment while also satisfying security imperatives.

We approach each client’s supply chain risks in the context of the client’s business. Our threat and vulnerability assessments are focused on those aspects of the business that are of greatest concern to the client, its customers and government regulators. We then develop and implement mitigation plans that address security topics such as:

Legal constructs and relationships between our client and their suppliers and vendors;
Software and hardware development processes;
Lifecycle support, maintenance and upgrades of systems;
Interactions with support personnel and vendor personnel
Verification, analysis and review of software, hardware (including firmware) and chip design and fabrication;
Transparency regarding source of supply, including in some instances verification of vendor’s products and vetting of sources of supply;
Incident response support for supply chain security breaches;
Legal and operational remedies for supply chain security breaches;
Ongoing monitoring of mitigation compliance; and
Review of the ownership, control and influence of key vendors and third party manufacturers.
We help our clients develop appropriate relationships with customers and government regulators, including providing transparency regarding sources of supply in the client’s supply chain. This helps ensure that the needs of our clients, their customers and government regulators can be addressed in a proactive manner.

In addition to internal operational implementation of security plans, we support our clients at briefings and meetings with their key customers and government regulators to document our supply chain security processes. Then we follow up with our clients to validate that the solution that is developed and implemented is meeting our clients' needs.

We can assist a customer at any stage of its acquisition cycle, whether it is just beginning to consider sourcing from a specific set of vendors, has already started the acquisition process, or has resulting systems in production and operation.


With the trend of Fintech technology, E7E Shopping application is proud to be one of the pioneers who bring the user with mobile payments.

No need to worry about the inconvenience, the trouble of using cash to pay for any transaction, E7E Shopping helps you become a smart consumer, quickly grasp discounts and incentives from Many famous brands, diverse in terms of products and services meet the needs of food, drink, sleep and shopping.

CARD E7E Visa payment  

Our vision of decentralisation, beyond crypto-spending
We think bigger than a cryptocurrency payment company. Our vision is to be the fabric for the decentralised world. We aim to connect anyone and anything to decentralised services.

 Stay in crypto - Spend your crypto - Benefit from crypto
Spending your cryptocurrency should be simple. Top up your E7E Wallet with your favourite cryptocurrency, and spend directly with your E7E Card.

 Choice of multiple cryptocurrencies
You can enjoy access to multiple cryptocurrencies across different blockchains. Hold, send, receive and spend Bitcoin and Ethereum with the E7E Wallet and Card.

Plus7eleven Blockchain-Real Estate Transaction  

The Biggest Problems with the Traditional Real Estate Industry

1,Not open to everyone

2,Severe lack of transparency

3,High fees

4,Lack of Liquidity

5,Transaction Speed

Blockchain Real Estate – How Will Blockchain Plus7eleven Change Real Estate

A blockchain is, in the simplest of terms, a time-stamped series of immutable record of data that is managed by a cluster of computers not owned by any single entity. Each of these blocks of data (i.e. block) are secured and bound to each other using cryptographic principles (i.e. chain)
The three main properties of the blockchain are:
Decentralization: All the data that is stored inside a blockchain is not owned by one single entity.
Transparency: All the data that is stored inside the blockchain can be seen by everyone who is part of the network. Every single piece of data can be traced right to its very origin.
Immutable: All the data that is inside the blockchain cannot be tampered with because of cryptographic hash functions.
The blockchain brings in several utilities into the real estate ecosystem, chief among them being:

Benefits of smart contracts

The most obvious benefit is that it will cut off all the middlemen. Imagine how much money you can save by cutting out all the brokers, banks, and lawyers. With them not collecting their standard 2-5% cuts, you will be saving up a small fortune.
Smart contracts will also considerably speed up real estate transactions. LIke we have mentioned before, real estate transactions can take months on end, and that is mainly because of the vast

amount of bureaucracy, middlemen, and lack of transparency that you need to go through.Realistically speaking, smart contracts will not wholly remove local government regulations, however, it will eliminate middlemen, as mentioned above.Plus, all the various data regarding the property can be saved as a hash file within the blockchain. If you are interested in knowing more about a particular property, you can exploit the blockchain’s transparency to trace all the information you need. Imagine how much time that will save as opposed to the more traditional middle-man approach.
Finally, smart contracts can protect owners from property fraud. It is possible to link the digital ownership of your property, documents, and contracts directly to the blockchain. Once inside the blockchain, it is impossible for it to be tampered with or altered.The governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in India are using the blockchain technology to fight against property fraud.

Advantages of token real estate

Fractional Ownership via Token

Fractional Ownership decreases barriers to entry by a staggering amount. Real estate doesn’t need to be the playground for the rich anymore. Instead of saving up and taking loans to buy one expensive asset, you can simply buy one-fifth of that asset. A multisignature smart contract will make sure that the joint owners adhere to honest conduct.
Token increases liquidity by a considerable margin. Instead of waiting forever to sell your property, you can go to an exchange and liquidate your tokens.
It allows for greater portfolio diversification and risk reduction. Instead of locking up all your money in one single property, you can use the same money to buy fractions in multiple properties

Education APPLICATION Securities Trading and E7E  

Securities trading with Application E7E
Invest in the world's most popular asset
From established industries to booming new age up-and-comers — pick from over a dozen of different routes to a smart investment.
Award-winning platform
Award-winning software recognized and praised by the most respected experts of the industry.
Customizable interface
Customize the platform to make it fit better to your needs — from chart type to color them
Convenient withdrawals
Withdraw your money in an instant using a wide range of available payment systems .Support 24/7
A team of professionals speaking your mother tongue are always here to support you.

Financial Banking connection Chain E7E  

Banking industry
Blockchain is great for creating faster and eaiser services and products without intermediaries.
Problems of the banking industry
Blockchain successfully solves the following problems:
Getting rid of Intermediaries between the sender and the recipient
Saving high transaction costs between banks
Simplifying cross-border operations and services
Long processing time for payments (especially international)
Our blockchain products use the latest technology to directly connect both sides of any transaction.

New data processing technologies.

Distributed registers and data publicity of Banking operations.

Exclusion of intermediaries.

New blockchain based products interact directly without intermediaries.

Banking processes automation.

Automatic decision-making based on smart contracts.

New financial asset
Issuance of new forms of banking products and using cryptocurrency in accounting.

Forex Trading Plus7eleven robots  

Robots E7E Automated trading FOREX trading has never been easier

Advantages of automatic trading
Trading signals allow traders to copy operations of other traders who are signal providers. Using their Meta Trader 6 and Meta Trader 7 terminals, subscribers can perform automatic trading operations.
Experienced traders or their expert advisors can act as signal providers.
All of the signals have a detailed trading history and statistics so you can examine them before you subscribe.
Some of the signals are free of charge; others require a weekly or monthly fee to be paid to the trader or provider of the signal.
All trading signals are summarized in a table which helps you to make a choice according to your investment preferences.
You can sign up as well as terminate your subscription at any time.
Automated Forex and CFD trading can be either performed by trading robots, Meta Trader expert advisors or  trading signals service.


Clear & competitive pricing
Maximize your potential with straightforward, reliable pricing and exceptional trade executions.
Global trading opportunities
Trade the world’s currency markets along with the most popular share, index and commodity 7Es
Professional trading platforms
Our suite of powerful trading platforms was designed to meet the demanding needs of currency traders
One trading account can be managed by signals of only one provider at a time. This is done deliberately in order to protect traders from bearing losses.
A trading account can be subscribed to only one signal, whilst 7eleven- account may have several subscriptions for different accounts. A trader may have several accounts and each of them can be managed by signals from different providers. All of these subscriptions may be registered at and paid up from a single 7eleven-account.
Subscribers pay a fixed sum monthly or weekly and receive trading signals for this period. There are neither commissions for each deal, nor increasing spreads, nor additional commissions from gained profits.


The service allows traders to copy operations of other traders who are signal providers.
In this case, signal is a buy or sell order. These orders can be opened “manually”; however the main signal providers are trading robots.
Experienced traders can act as signal providers, thus allowing other traders to copy their deals. Some signal providers share their trade for free, others require a certain fee. All traders can take advantage of our automated trade service. In fact a trader copies the operation of the signal provider, keeping profit.
You can sign up as well as terminate your subscription at any time; you can also subscribe to one or more signals from different providers. Service´s algorithms analyze price changes 24 hours per day, excluding errors related to the "human factor."
The main signal providers are trading robots. Trading robots' algorithms in the test mode can be pre-optimized in the history of price changes of previous periods. Developing, modification of trading robots are available to everyone, as a relatively simple programming language and the majority of trading robots are created with open source, which enables everyone to become a signals´ provider.

Ethereum Smart contracts  

Ethereum smart contracts execute the financial transfers of 7eleven. They are driven by events
from the 7eleven. Upon execution of contracts the exchange then takes the focus and
handles the 3rd party transactions.

Smartcontract: Plus7eleven

Decimal :18

Symbol : E7E


Token sale: 10%
Company operation: 30%
Team: 10%
Marketing: 10%
Development: 10%
Advisors: 10%
Reserve: 20%


Latoken - Oex - Hubi - Mercatox - Catex - Fexpro - BitForex

Nakachain Charity Fund  

Nakanchain Charity Foundation was established with the consent of the founding team of Project E7E as well as all of the shareholders supporting the project.
The fund has been determined with the purpose of helping poor children  all over the world, especially children in Nigeria.
This charity mainly supports children with the three main issues.
First:  food
Second: health
Third: education
The main thing is the food fund for children which will be 30% of the money from the fund.
The second activity provides medical support. The amount allocated to this activity is 30% from NakaChain fund.
The third major activity relates to the education problem of poor children in countries 30% of the money from the official Nakachain fund.
The remaining 10% from the fund to maintain related activities and diplomatic settings including fund restructuring, etc .....
About the Nakachian Fund, it will be officially announced in October 2019
Disclosure information includes the total amount of Nakachain fund addresses for transparent fund amounts. Besides, the development team with the consent of all shareholders commit that every 3 months will spend 20% profit from all activities of the E7E platform to maintain and develop Nakaachain Charitable Fund.

According to the latest research from the United Nations, Nigeria is a
country with the largest famine in West Africa. This nation has more than
14 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, of whom about
400,000 children need special attention.

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________


Post by: ICOEthics on May 06, 2019, 12:31:01 PM
Here you are again. What happened to your team? Whitepaper? Deleted? why?
Did you delete everything because someone reported you to 7eleven corporation and you are afraid of their legal department?
7eleven is a trademark copyrighted name, all you will get by using their name is trouble. (only scammers want trouble, right?)
But I guess you don't care since everything about your project is hidden, right?- website registration/ownership (, team, whitepaper, etc...)

Post by: Miiike on May 06, 2019, 03:19:11 PM

Thank you for your interest in us
About the law we don't violate anything because our token name is 7eleven but we don't say it's company 7 - eleven
In fact, we don't answer your comments because we think with the savvy insights of idiots, it doesn't understand because its knowledge is only at that level.

Trademarks and patents are not my real field, but I had once stumbled upon then during the course of my business, and I thought similarities up to several letters are prohibited? Which means, yours would probably encounter this issue, if not already

Post by: ICOEthics on May 07, 2019, 11:55:57 AM

Thank you for your interest in us
About the law we don't violate anything because our token name is 7eleven but we don't say it's company 7 - eleven
In fact, we don't answer your comments because we think with the savvy insights of idiots, it doesn't understand because its knowledge is only at that level.

Really?  is that what you think? There is no need to say "company" it is already understood when you mention 7Eleven.
Do you think if you use the word McDonald's you need to use the word restaurant together to describe that you are talking about McDonald's?
No, it is obviously understood. It is a trademark, a well know name.

What happened to your team? Whitepaper? why did you remove from your website?

Post by: Miiike on May 07, 2019, 01:02:06 PM

Thank you for your interest in us
About the law we don't violate anything because our token name is 7eleven but we don't say it's company 7 - eleven
In fact, we don't answer your comments because we think with the savvy insights of idiots, it doesn't understand because its knowledge is only at that level.

Really?  is that what you think? There is no need to say "company" it is already understood when you mention 7Eleven.
Do you think if you use the word McDonald's you need to use the word restaurant together to describe that you are talking about McDonald's?
No, it is obviously understood. It is a trademark, a well know name.

What happened to your team? Whitepaper? why did you remove from your website?

Probably for "security reason" and to protect team members "privacy" because after they publish their identity, unknown people start to "terrorize" them asking for money, etc. LOL.

Post by: jannatehimachal on May 07, 2019, 01:05:21 PM
i am relly worries about your project. because you cant disclose the team name and there social media profile. i believe that 7eleven team is real and real project.

Post by: claudysk on May 08, 2019, 10:04:20 AM
very good project

Post by: gabriel390302 on May 15, 2019, 07:39:40 PM
I wait this company pay all, im investing a lot to bring people to this project =p good luck, why need so be so correctly about the name being equal to 7eleven, just forgot it, is problem of the owner, no anyone need talk about thi.
what means this
Thank you for contacting us Please read carefully the notifications when joining Airdrop because all tokens will be allocated to the community after the IEO ends on June 2, 2019
i cant withdraw

Post by: template on October 23, 2019, 02:43:47 PM
Fake and Scam project

Post by: Kang TB on October 23, 2019, 09:57:16 PM
Fake and Scam project

so, this project is a scam project, thats bad
but why coinmarketcap still added this project,
because i just know about this project from coinmarketcap my friend

Post by: Arnaud on October 24, 2019, 12:04:18 AM
French translation reserved / if your on cmc you can afford that  ;D

Post by: jfcrock51 on October 24, 2019, 02:08:16 PM
French translation reserved / if your on cmc you can afford that  ;D