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Title: Why capitalism is just dictature with more steps
Post by: mOgliE on June 11, 2019, 08:43:30 AM
So I got the amazing surprise to see tons of very "pro capitalist" people angry at big corps and their policies of censorship. Which I find very funny because they compare Zuckerberg to Staline and that's not something you hear every day.

Here is the catch, Capitalism and free market can only leads to this.

Not saying communism is better, that's not the point of the argument here.

Imagine a true Capitalist environment and society:
-You have a very small government but you still must have one. Even if it's very local and handles only the Justice and the army for example. Make it as small as you want, it doesn't matter.
-You have absolutely no regulation concerning the market or the trade in general.
-You have only ver basic ground rules in a constitution like freedom of moving, freedom of religion... Things like that.

That's what you would call a capitalist paradise. And basically as long as you have the agreement of someone and it isn't against the base rights guaranteed by the constitution you do whatever you want.

In such environment tons of companies appear. Some are successfull, some are not.
Eventually, as the market is a dynamic thing, big companies are bound to eat the smaller ones. If there is no regulation then bigger companies have an advantage of ressources over the smaller ones. In fact they could even simply decrease their prices until the smaller ones can't follow, and they would win the market like this.

It's EXACTLY what happens in most "new markets". You take the example of bus companies in Europe which was a new market few years ago because they were State monopoles before. They started with the prices incredibly small until all died but one and this one integrated all the other companies. Now you have Flixbus or nothing else.

Once a company has a monopole on a sector, it has much more power than before and is even harder to take down. It's not that no company had better ideas than Google, it's just that anytime a company that could just cast a shadow on Google appears, Google buys it.

So you just CAN'T take down a company having a monopole on a sector, unless you're already a monster company yourself.

Now, once all sectors more or less have their monopole company, which is exactly what's happening in our current world. What prevents them from meeting up and decide on the general policies of the country. What prevents them from lobbying politicians, corrupting them, changing slightly their services or internal policies to enforce their views?

It's not a complotist thing. Once you have 5 people owning all the media of your country, if they agree on a certain political decision what do you think will happen?

Capitalism just means that in the end, the big eats the small. Then when only a few big ones remain why shouldn't they band together against you?