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Title: Can we call a lightning node with JSON-RPC like we can do for a Bitcoin node?
Post by: 100bitcoin on June 17, 2019, 11:44:15 PM
If yes, where do I get the reference doc?

Title: Re: Can we call a lightning node with JSON-RPC like we can do for a Bitcoin node?
Post by: pereira4 on June 18, 2019, 12:59:42 AM
If yes, where do I get the reference doc?

Eclair besides a nice GUI has an API with JSON-RPC features. Documentation is here:

Run core with these settings on .conf file:

To install:

    with GUI:

java -jar eclair-node-gui-<version>-<commit_id>.jar

    without GUI:

java -jar eclair-node-<version>-<commit_id>.jar

Note that the node must be segwit ready, so enable segwit addresses (some people only accept Legacy addresses)

Title: Re: Can we call a lightning node with JSON-RPC like we can do for a Bitcoin node?
Post by: danda on June 26, 2019, 03:27:33 PM
c-lightning (lightningd) has a json-rpc api.  The client is lightning-cli.   For available commands:

lightning-cli help

Some (rough) docs are available here:

It would be nice if they would be published on a wiki someplace, but google doesn't turn it up...

Output of lightning-cli help:

feerates style
    Return feerate estimates, either satoshi-per-kw ({style} perkw) or satoshi-per-kb ({style} perkb).

connect id [host] [port]
    Connect to {id} at {host} (which can end in ':port' if not default). {id} can also be of the form id@host

listnodes [id]
    Show node {id} (or all, if no {id}), in our local network view

getroute id msatoshi riskfactor [cltv] [fromid] [fuzzpercent] [exclude] [maxhops]
    Show route to {id} for {msatoshi}, using {riskfactor} and optional {cltv} (default 9). If specified search from {fromid} otherwise use this node as source. Randomize the route with up to {fuzzpercent} (default 5.0). {exclude} an array of short-channel-id/direction (e.g. [ '564334x877x1/0', '564195x1292x0/1' ]) from consideration. Set the {maxhops} the route can take (default 20).

listchannels [short_channel_id] [source]
    Show channel {short_channel_id} or {source} (or all known channels, if not specified)

invoice msatoshi label description [expiry] [fallbacks] [preimage] [exposeprivatechannels]
    Create an invoice for {msatoshi} with {label} and {description} with optional {expiry} seconds (default 1 hour), optional {fallbacks} address list(default empty list) and optional {preimage} (default autogenerated)

listinvoices [label]
    Show invoice {label} (or all, if no {label})

delinvoice label status
    Delete unpaid invoice {label} with {status}

delexpiredinvoice [maxexpirytime]
    Delete all expired invoices that expired as of given {maxexpirytime} (a UNIX epoch time), or all expired invoices if not specified

autocleaninvoice [cycle_seconds] [expired_by]
    Set up autoclean of expired invoices. Perform cleanup every {cycle_seconds} (default 3600), or disable autoclean if 0. Clean up expired invoices that have expired for {expired_by} seconds (default 86400).

waitanyinvoice [lastpay_index]
    Wait for the next invoice to be paid, after {lastpay_index} (if supplied)

waitinvoice label
    Wait for an incoming payment matching the invoice with {label}, or if the invoice expires

decodepay bolt11 [description]
    Decode {bolt11}, using {description} if necessary

help [command]
    List available commands, or give verbose help on one {command}.

    Shut down the lightningd process

check command_to_check
    Don't run {command_to_check}, just verify parameters.

getlog [level]
    Show logs, with optional log {level} (info|unusual|debug|io)

fundchannel id satoshi [feerate] [announce] [minconf]
    Fund channel with {id} using {satoshi} (or 'all') satoshis, at optional {feerate}. Only use outputs that have {minconf} confirmations.

listconfigs [config]
    List all configuration options, or with [config], just that one.

sendpay route payment_hash [label] [msatoshi] [bolt11]
    Send along {route} in return for preimage of {payment_hash}

waitsendpay payment_hash [timeout]
    Wait for payment attempt on {payment_hash} to succeed or fail, but only up to {timeout} seconds.

listpayments [bolt11] [payment_hash]
    Show outgoing payments

listsendpays [bolt11] [payment_hash]
    Show sendpay, old and current, optionally limiting to {bolt11} or {payment_hash}.

listpeers [id] [level]
    Show current peers, if {level} is set, include logs for {id}

close id [force] [timeout]
    Close the channel with {id} (either peer ID, channel ID, or short channel ID). If {force} (default false) is true, force a unilateral close after {timeout} seconds (default 30), otherwise just schedule a mutual close later and fail after timing out.

disconnect id [force]
    Disconnect from {id} that has previously been connected to using connect; with {force} set, even if it has a current channel

    Show information about this node

setchannelfee id [base] [ppm]
    Sets specific routing fees for channel with {id} (either peer ID, channel ID, short channel ID or 'all'). Routing fees are defined by a fixed {base} (msat) and a {ppm} (proportional per millionth) value. If values for {base} or {ppm} are left out, defaults will be used. {base} can also be defined in other units, for example '1sat'. If {id} is 'all', the fees will be applied for all channels.

    List all forwarded payments and their information

ping id [len] [pongbytes]
    Send peer {id} a ping of length {len} (default 128) asking for {pongbytes} (default 128)

withdraw destination satoshi [feerate] [minconf]
    Send to {destination} address {satoshi} (or 'all') amount via Bitcoin transaction, at optional {feerate}

newaddr [addresstype]
    Get a new {bech32, p2sh-segwit} (or all) address to fund a channel (default is bech32)

dev-listaddrs [bip32_max_index]
    Show addresses list up to derivation {index} (default is the last bip32 index)

    Show available funds from the internal wallet

    Synchronize the state of our funds with bitcoind

pay bolt11 [msatoshi] [label] [riskfactor] [maxfeepercent] [retry_for] [maxdelay] [exemptfee]
    Send payment specified by {bolt11} with {amount}

paystatus [bolt11]
    Detail status of attempts to pay {bolt11}, or all

listpays [bolt11]
    List result of payment {bolt11}, or all

run `lightning-cli help <command>` for more information on a specific command

Title: Re: Can we call a lightning node with JSON-RPC like we can do for a Bitcoin node?
Post by: ReckLess.6 on July 07, 2019, 06:47:12 PM
API documentation for Lightning Network Daemon (LND) -