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Title: Antminer S9 newest firmware (June / 2019)
Post by: mikeywith on June 18, 2019, 03:15:32 AM
I , as many others , was too reckless and went ahead like an IDIOT and installed the 2019 firmware for a large number of my gears, I don't have much use for SSH but i still hate the fact the bitmain locks me out of my my gears, now if you have a few miners and have the time to Sdcard-flash them using braiins or revert back to an old firmware then that's awesome, however if you are a lazy person, got too many gears, ain't got no time for all that shit , then you might consider this new update.

It still locks SSH access "obviously" but they added some features in terms of increasing/decreasing voltage and/or frequency, of course nothing like braiins but something that is better than nothing.

here is how the new settings look like (

Image above and info below are taken from Bitmain's website >


Normal working mode, the working voltage and frequency remain unchanged


Increasing the working frequency, expect to improve from 0.5~2.0TH/S respectively based on the initial ideal hash rate

HashRate Unchanged-Lower Voltage

Decreasing the working voltage and working frequency, hash rate remains unchanged, reducing the power consumption


Decreasing working voltage and frequency

Decreasing Hash rate by 0.5~3.0TH/S respectively

Reducing the power consumption

Low Power Enhanced Mode

(only for S9/S9i/S9j)

Decreasing working voltage and frequency, hash rate will be decreased by around 4.5TH/S for S9 and 3.5TH/S for S9i/j respectively, reducing the power consumption

make sure you read the warnings and all those stuff before trying this firmware.

I have not measure power consumption on these settings ( it does not really matter to me) but overall I have tried it on a few miners, with the +1th and +2th and it seems to work fine, temps have increased of course, but now getting an average of 15th on the old 13.5 miners which is great if you ask me. (

I am not encouraging you to update to the 2019 firmware, if you are not already stuck with the first 2019 firmware, DO NOT flash it,  if you are already stuck , then maybe this will ease your pain a little.

I will run this for a while and report back the results.

Title: Re: Antminer S9 newest firmware (June / 2019)
Post by: Huxley23 on June 24, 2019, 06:08:48 AM
It works fine on majority of my miners. S9j works perfectly (+2TH without any problems, even temperatures seem to be ok). However few S9s and T9+ could not start hashing after upgrading and I had to revert it back to old version (the traditional way of flashing through browser would will allow you to revert only to firmware versions with signature on them and therefore I had to use SD card flash,which worked for me).