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Title: Maya Preferred 223 Backs Bitcoin With Gold And Silver
Post by: Joseph R. Cord on June 24, 2019, 02:10:31 PM
Maya Preferred 223 remains a stable coin. Every token in this coin gets a support of about twenty-three thousand dollars worth of silver and gold. It is the first time for anything of this nature to appear on the internet. Maya Preferred 223 ( was launched last month and will help boost the crypto world efficiency. To be factual, the amusement and effectiveness of the coin is highly relating to bitcoin. 

One amazing thing about this crypto coin is that it has received appreciation since lunched last month. In the first month of launch alone, the price of Maya Preferred has risen to five hundred percent. Do you know that the Maya Preferred coin has better value than bitcoin? The actual price value of this coin today surpasses whatever you know about bitcoin. As bitcoin continues to experience some ups and downs, Maya Preferred is above 10,000 dollars and growing.

The value of this new and innovative cryptocurrency is a product of the support from silver and gold. The gold and silver that backs this digital asset comes from eight different sources in Mexico. The goal of Maya Preferred 223 creator is to boost the number of sources of gold and silver. It will help to increase the rate of producing the Maya Preferred coins to every user across the globe.

The UK Financial Limited is the registered organizer of the innovative crypto coin called Maya Preferred 223. The organizing firm for this digital currency is popular throughout the crypto world today. One great advantage of trusting the UK Financial Limited is their revolutionized creativity. The firm is currently backing its own assets with the best support that users deserve. Apart from that, the UK Financial Limited also has future plans to back and support other cryptocurrencies.

Another thing to know about the team at the UK Financial Limited is that the first cryptocurrency will be backed with its own token. It implies that bitcoin will soon be backed and supported with Maya Preferred 223 token. Will Maya Preferred 223 in conjunction with bitcoin revolutionize the crypto world? Without any iota of doubt, this new digital asset will change the face of the earth and how people do business. How is this possible? Well, the UK Financial Limited will make a transfer of twenty-three million Maya Preferred 223 tokens.

The tokens from the organizer will be placed in a secure escrow wallet. The amount is also the value of the bitcoin that miners will get. It implies that every bitcoin generated will be having about twenty-three million dollars worth in silver and gold. Join Maya Preferred 223 investment today and donít miss out of its great benefits.

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Title: Re: Maya Preferred 223 Backs Bitcoin With Gold And Silver
Post by: Dutchytalk on July 21, 2019, 08:10:52 AM
http://So I guess all the chat was deleted from this thread because there has been enough proof posted to the allegations of it being a scam? If so to protect the people who might also fall victim to these bottom feeding scum where else can myself or anyone else freely post the warning signs to exploit this?

I have been in their telegram channel looking at the effort involved for this scam which is no doubt impressive, but still it's full of many holes like the telegram channel itself which is in no way set up to protect the 65k members in its community. Spammer/scammers have free reign to post their links in there and admin ignore any messages about why they let the scams links post or why anyone but admin can post links to start with. Then they have the profile name of the same guy apparently running the MAYA PREFERRED 223 scam in channel Jumping on any opportunities to promote the scam but does not have admin rights. When I pm the admin about the legitimacy of this profile to the project he reads my messages and no reply, so I push the questions about that and server settings that ultimately put their community at risk and in return I get a voice message in an accent that sounds possible Russian "sorry sir I'm busy why you type all these long message" which I will post. So I decided the next day to go ask these questions in group and once again I am ignored but push the questions and eventually the admin answers with a gif rolling the eyes like I'm the stupid one and a reply saying yes he is a supporter and is allowed to post.

Well he certainly said a lot of contradicting things to other information given in the YouTube videos and forums and what not. So I could help but ask the question regarding its label as a stablecoin when it is infact the most volitile coin in history without mentioning the obviously team played work in trading the price up. The answer was very amusing as the 250mil stock pile of team inflated junk is going to be split into two and half of that will be used to back the Maya coin to half its value and at that point the value of the preferred will be listed at $250 lol so the coin they giving at the airdrop is worth $125. Please that is the most retarded idea anyone who was actually legit could do with such a project. So from there I could not help but ask how they are then going to compensate the investors who bought this coin at top dollar after you kill the price. Well the answer is simple they will give them 100 coins. Lmao so why the fuck would someone deliberately destroy the value of a coin valued at 25k  with only 1 million available to public which actually sounds like a good idea to push the value up further down to 250 now with a 100millon supply?  They wouldn't if it was legitimate as that would be a retarded business move. But its obvious to anyone with an IQ above 70 that the tokens team played.

So I'm here to exploit these bottom dwelling scum of the earth as much as possible so any advice on where else to post to help this cause please let me know. There is no doubt I have got a few laughs out of how unbelievable this whole idea they are trying to sell is but I'm sure they have taken a few victims and my sorry is with them and hopefully one of these victims is connected to the Mafia or similar and hunts them down and puts them out of business for good. But lmfao they can't even run a telegram channel so who in there right mind is to believe that all these mines are going to give them all this gold to look after, then they even state on YouTube that they are going to make so much money from this they will buy two of the biggest mines and the mine owners are all good with that idea!

Has anyone been in contact with any of the listed mines to get an easy exploit there? Can someone track these guys IP via telegram or other venues to expose their location and get them looking over their shoulders? Has anyone contacted the media that had been backing this project with evidence as they would be a great way to bring down the wave of support they have created quicker as I'm sure the media will go to town on them after realising they where made to look foolish?

Also this buzz airdrop company  which is at least highly associated with them but more likely it's just the same people are running several other projects which I will post screen shot of and the guy with no admin rights is also membered in several other groups on telegram and all of these I suggest are also scams and will also post that.

So it's going to take a big wave to put the wave they have created to rest so anyone who wants to help let me know and let's get loco on these wastes of oxygen!!!!!!

Ok I need to work out how to post images and MP3 here which I will be back for.