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Title: [ANN][ICO][TENOM] MONET Network Token Sale Announce
Post by: chinpu on July 04, 2019, 10:20:36 AM
MONET is a public network architecture for mobile blockchains on demand. Based on a powerful consensus system Babble, with ad hoc blockchains MONET can process thousands of transactions per second with near instant finality.

Problems we are solving:
  • Centralization of the P2P economy
  • Slowness of the distributed networks
  • Adaptation to mobiles

Video about MONET (

The Key Components of MONET architecture are:

  • Multiple ephemeral blockchains dynamically formed by users with their mobile devices;
  • Inter-Blockchain Communication, enabling these blockchains to speak to one another;
  • MONET Hub - an always on network that provides optional infrastructure services to the first applications and ad hoc blockchains

More about MONET ecosystem you can find in our article (

Currently we have the next products:

  • Babble ( - is an open-source software system for developers who want to build peer-to-peer (p2p) applications;
  • EVM Lite ( - MONET Interface compatible with Ethereum and other blockchains;
  • Chatterbox ( is a demo app which uses the Babble Mobile library to enable multiple mobile devices to chat without a centralized server;
  • Tenom ( is required at the point when there is a need to persist the blockchain information, and to save the proof of actions on another network;

MONET Network Token Sale Announce

In order to continue developing an open-source infrastructure for peer-to-peer mobile applications and distribute TENOM tokens among our community members we are organizing TENOM Token Sale.

Main terms and conditions


The sale will be conducted in two phases:
  • Presale will begin on July 15th and finish 31 of July, 2019
  • Public Sale will start 16 of September and finish 27 of September, 2019

Token Price and Supply

  • Implied MONET valuation: CHF 14,285,714
  • Price per token: CHF 1.54
  • Currencies accepted: ETH - FIAT
  • Total token supply: 10 000 000 TENOM

TENOM Distribution:

  • Presale: 30%
  • Public sale: 40%
  • Team: 10% (Founders / Core team)
  • Advisors and partnerships: 5%
  • Foundation*: 15% (* Foundation tokens: MONET reserves the right to distribute the portion of the tokens in foundation via the Public sale that may take place immediately preceding the Monet Hub launch)

Token Lockups:

  • TENOM sale participants lockups: tokens become transferable after the MONET Hub launch
  • Core team lockups: two year proportionate monthly token release

The last Token sale updates you can find on our official site:

TENOM Economy

TENOM is a token, native to MONET ecosystem. TENOM has the following functionality:

1. As a means of transacting on ad hoc blockchains and MONET Hub (including accessing of Smart Contracts, saving a log of transactions on MONET Hub, and connecting ad hoc blockchains to one another via Inter-Blockchain Communication);
2. As a reward to validators for securing MONET Hub (both block reward and transaction fees are paid in tenom);
3. As a stake to deposit as collateral in order to participate in MONET Hub governance and to determine the weight of an individual validator decisions in the voting.

All information about TENOM you can find in our blog article (

Bounties, Rewards, Airdrops:

  • We have alive Bounty program for developers (  
  • Contest among participants in our Telegram channel (, where everyone has an opportunity to get 30 TENOM(apr. $46)-100 TENOM (apr.154$) for active participation in the Telegram channel.  Learn more for details.
  • Join our Telegram channel in order to receive information about upcoming bounties, potential airdrops, contests among our community members.


Is MONET a new blockchain/protocol?

MONET is a new public network independent of other blockchains. It is comprised of multiple ad hoc blockchains created by users.

Is MONET related to Ethereum, Bitcoin and other blockchains?

MONET is not directly related to Ethereum, Bitcoin or any other blockchain. However, thanks to Babble’s simple blockchain design and the Hub’s use of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, bridges can be established with other platforms via inter-blockchain communication protocols.

What are the potential uses of MONET?

MONET captures the inherently localised nature of the sharing economy by allowing the formation of confined networks where only interested participants are connected. Any application can be built on this model: transportation, delivery, housing, space rental, personal services, professional services, networking, learning, custom goods transactions, pre-owned goods and others. The very nature of blockchain, an immutable ordered list of transactions, is particularly relevant for financial applications: p2p lending, payments, bill sharing, etc. MONET could also be used to build p2p multiplayer games without having to reinvent the wheel.

Is it an open source project?

Yes, MONET  is an open source project. You can view more details on our GitHub:

Do you have reviews of your project?

Yes, you can  find many MONET reviews on the Internet. Some of them are:  Cryptobriefing Review (Andre Cronje) (, blog CyberFund (, David Pakman Show (

Where can I get information about the Team?

You can find all the information on this page:

I have more questions
In case you have other questions, feel free to ask them on our Telegram channel  (

Useful Links:
About team:
WhitePaper  —  http://[Suspicious link removed]/monet-whitepaper
Token Sale details:  
Medium Blog  —  
Github  —

Social Networks:
Facebook  —  
Reddit  —
Twitter  —
Telegram  -


Introducing MONET (
Dissecting MONET Use Cases: User-Centric Application for P2P Ride Sharing (
Babble Consensus. A High Level Overview (
MONET Ecosystem: Architecture for Ad Hoc Mobile Blockchains (
The Complete guide to TENOM token (

We invite the members of bitcointalk community to join us ( and help develop truly decentralized light-weight blockchains. Awaiting your questions!

Title: Re: [ANN][ICO][TENOM] MONET Network Token Sale Announce
Post by: ArthurGraham on July 17, 2019, 10:06:56 AM
Hi guys! Check out the latest MONET Development updates to find what were done in the last months: