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Title: Gems Play (XGP) - plagiarized whitepaper + fake team member!
Post by: morvillz7z on July 08, 2019, 11:51:07 AM
What happened: At least one of their team members is not who they claim to be, some parts of their whitepaper are plagiarized.

Reference Link:

Announced by: Opic33 (;u=2577062)

ANN: [ANN] GEMS PLAY (XGP) Token (Forum, Airdrop and Partnership) (

Flag 1: -;flag=431

  • They have a Belgian Politician currently working in the EU parliament as a team member with a fake name, the likelihood the other two are with fake names is over 99% imo.
  • Their so called whitepaper is filled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, the parts that are not are actually copied from codapay.
  • Website is just 3 days old.

3 days old
Created on 2019-07-05
Expires on 2020-07-05
Updated on 2019-07-07 (

Sena Jenifer = Frédérique Ries (

Jorge Russel = Unknown (image over 6 years old) ( ( (

The type of whitepaper they have:  :o ;D

7. Roadmap and Team
The big mistakes of many developers are the create Roadmap and Team
on both Whitepaper and Website. So we prefer to don’t create Roadmap
ad Team on whitepaper because they already creacte on the website.

Archive of the website:
Archive of the ANN:
Archive of the whitepaper: