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Title: SCAM! BitTrain Coin/Exchange/ICO - Ponzi Scheme and plagiazied Whitepaper
Post by: JeromeTash on July 23, 2019, 08:57:27 AM
What happened: BitTrain coin, BitTrain exchange and ICO is a ponzi scam and their whitepaper is plagiarized

Scammers Profile Link: Not seen on bitcointalk so far

Scammer website:


1. Ponzi scam

Different packages for traders with insane monthly returns

Awkward predicted price growth of the coin of the years

2. Ghost Team

3. Plagiarized White paper

The white paper has been heavily plagiarized from the digitex white paper

Please note that the non highlighted texted is the content copied from Digitex WhitePaper

Digitex whitepaper                                                                               BitTrain White paper

BitTrain WhitePaper Archive: