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Title: Introducing SimpleChain
Post by: SimpleChain on July 29, 2019, 09:03:37 AM
For SimpleChain ANN thread, please go to

Title: Re: Introducing SimpleChain
Post by: cahkalem on July 29, 2019, 10:05:44 AM
SimpleChain is a PoW main chain with flexible sub-chains. Different sub-chains can adopt different kinds of consensus and block data structure as needed, to support a variety of applications and use cases on blockchain. Sub-chains also support sharding to improve performance. This double-layered structure of one main chain and multiple sub-chains can fuel various applications while ensuring the consistency of the network.

SimpleChain has been focused on Chinese community since mainnet beta launch. Now, we're ready to expand and have more people learn about and benefit from Simple Chain.

Stay tuned for our upcoming bounties! Simple tasks and 1,000,000 SIPC rewards are waiting for you!

do you have any link to your own project?, besides all your words above
maybe a site link or whitepaper link will be good