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Title: CoinCompany- Cloud mining ponzi scheme
Post by: Rikafip on September 25, 2019, 06:32:47 PM
Coincompany website (
Archive (

As seen in the picture below, it is yet another ponzi, with unrealistically high ROI

And as always, lucrative affiliate program

What is interesting though is, they started bounty campaign today, and their bounty  campaign looks incredibly similar to bounty campaign of  another ponzi scheme that was discovered recently by @tvplus006- Hodium (, and their bounty campaign started yesterday.
Coincompany is keeping their bounty campaign out of Bitcointalk, most likely because they know that they would instantly attract attention and end up in this subforum

Coincompany bounty campaign

Thanks to their Telegram bounty, their Telegram group ( is full of bounty hunters shilling.

Hodium bounty campaign

Just a coincidence?Maybe. But what is certain  about both of those is that they are ponzi schemes