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Title: A 100% encrypted freedom space free of advertising, SPAM and fraudulent emails
Post by: SafePost on October 24, 2019, 01:17:31 PM

SafePost: a 100% encrypted freedom space free of advertising, SPAM and fraudulent emails that keeps your private life safe

Who can claim, while speaking about mails,

  • I receive only solicited e-mails,
  • I never missed an important e-mail,
  • My contacts always receive my e-mails,
  • I never received fake e-mails,
  • Nobody will never access the content of my  e-mails.

According to a survey published by the Harvard Business Review, every time we receive 100 mails, 74 of them are retained by SPAM filters, while 26 messages are visible in our mail browser.

Despite these filters, we keep receiving SPAMs, so that less than 19% of the messages visible in our mailbox are opened and read (18.8% for personalized messages against 13.1% without any customization).

Among these 74 emails, some of them are wrongly classified as junk e-mails while they are OK and we will never see them because they are not visible in our mail browser!

Due to these same filters, we have to look in the SPAM-folder emails wrongly classified as junk e-mails while they are OK!

Spam messages are not just a boring experience that makes miss opportunities or disorganizes our work :
  • Approximately 8,000 businesses each month are targeted by BEC scams according to Symantec,
  • They may also have a negative impact on e.g. our wealth, the confidentiality of our documents and our privacy.

However, despite their inefficiency, anti-SPAM filters represent a market of over $200 billion a year. it means $49 per year and per mailbox!

SafePost® ( does definitely solve this problem:

1 / You only communicate with people that you have previously identified and who have joined your contact list, so
  • No more doubt about the source of the messages you receive,
  • No more unsolicited messages.

2 / No more risk of a third party may access the content of your messages:
  • No confidential data is stored in clear on SafePost's servers.
  • The content of your messages is encrypted with your own private key before they are transmitted to SafePost: only you and your contact(s) can decrypt and read them,
  • If a SafePost server is down or is stolen, you will keep accessing your messages while the thief won't be able  to decrypt your messages and attachments.

SafePost works with "ERC20" tokens (Ethereum blockchain) called STAMP that allow you to send your messages.

You receive 1,000 STAMP as a welcome gift when you register on SafePost (1 STAMP = €0.001).

To summarize :

  • Your messages & documents are encrypted before being sent to SafePost. They are then stored in a decentralized SafePost database accessible in high availability.​
  • SafePost uses open source libraries to encrypt and decrypt your messages and documents: this gives you the guarantee that algorithms we use have no back door.
  • No ads, no statistics. Your messages & documents remain confidential: NO THIRD PARTY, including the SafePost team

Visit the website of SafePost for further information at

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Many thanks for your support!

My SafePost address : remy.eisenstein

Title: Re: A 100% encrypted freedom space free of advertising, SPAM and fraudulent emails
Post by: jjtille on March 18, 2020, 08:23:57 AM
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