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Title: 🌟🚀[ANN] 💠FXBK💠 [[FXBK Token]] 💵 FX Buy Back 💵
Post by: FX Algo Trading on November 06, 2019, 04:38:52 PM

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We are list on 4 exchanges

Cryptobridge (

ethermium (

logicdex (

forkdelta (!/trade/0xcb554bfb068b54a474a184acd1f743ccd27afe5b-ETH)

FXBK token concept, based on erc20 protocol, is a new and innovative way to utilize the blockchain. (

What is FXBK token and how does it work?
FXBK is a token that was created for the purpose of enabling individuals to participate and profit in the Forex Market through trading. The proceeds of the sale of the tokens go into a trading account using Algorithms that have been developed in house. Then, 50% of the profits will be used to buy back the coin on the open market at the offer price. This is from the exchange where it will be listed-hence the name “FX buy back”.

FXBK, as well as other tokens, are part of a family of, which will be offered overtime to enable individuals to participate in the exciting world of Forex Trading. Among the tokens that will be introduced are:
FXBR (FX Broker): a token that is designed to allow individuals to own a piece of the “white label” FX Broker. The individuals will benefit from the income that is generated from fees and commissions that are received by the FX Broker.
FXLG (FX Algorithm): a token that is designed to benefit from the income of our Algos, Our algos will receive monthly royalties/licensing.

Our mission is to create a family of tokens that focuses on Forex and to give the people the option to invest in the segment that they like-whether it’s the Broker, the Algo or the trading itself.
Additionally, we intend to demonstrate that investing through tokens is a much better method than investing through the stock market. Investing in tokens eliminates many middlemen. On the other hand, investing with stocks involves stockbrokers, market makers, high-frequency traders, exchanges, DTCC transfer, and clearing banks. Each one of these charge fees. Meanwhile, a token sale goes from the buyers’ wallets to the sellers’ wallets through the exchange. The Blockchain helps to make things more efficient and saves money by cutting out many of the intermediaries. ( | ( | ( | ( | (

Disclaimer: The sale of FXBK tokens in no way shall be considered as solicitation. Nor shall FXBK be considered as an investment or security under US laws or SEC regulations especially the 1933 and the 1934 Securities and Exchange Act. In fact, FXBK should be consider as a loan, and the buy back process is a form to pay back the loan. If you live in the USA, Canada or China or any jurisdiction where  it is prohibited to participate in this ICO, you should NOT buy this Token.

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