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Title: [INTEREST CHECK] Group Buy for 10th anniversary Bitcointalk Coldkey collectible
Post by: Heisenberg_Hunter on November 24, 2019, 09:27:16 AM
Hello everyone,

9 months ago theymos pitched the idea of creating a collectible ( dedicated for the bitcointalk community and to be given to the forum users in return for what they have contributed all these years for the community. Then yogg came up with his idea of creating a Coldkey Card dedicated for the bitcointalk community and over the days it got shaped well into a really good collectible item. Here is the announcement for the Coldkey cards :  10 years of Bitcointalk commemorative Coldkey ( and here is the Coldkey site for purchasing the bitcointalk card : 10th Anniversary of Bitcointalk Commemorative Coldkey (

The collectible card took into a great shape and here we have them finally for holding them in hand. A true bitcointalk forum user would have them in hand for sure as it would be a symbol for what we have been doing in Internet for all these days (for over 6 years to some months for newbies).

What are Coldkey cards?

Coldkeys are a new brand of collectible cards being made by our very own trustworthy forum user yogg and theymos has himself asked us to take a look into the collectible cards which are dedicated for the celebrating the 10th forum anniversary.

Prices and the Process of Group Buy :

10th anniversary bitcointalk Coldkey cards can be ordered in various designs which were made by various bitcointalk members and each card would cost as low as only 14.90€ ~ 1180 INR. The shipping would cost an additional 8€.

Here are the designs in which Coldkey cards can be purchased :

1. geophphreigh

2. Yatsan

3. madnessteat

4. palukritik

5. jayguar

6. LbtalkL

7. polymerbit

How will this group buy occur :

1. You need to mention how many cards you need in your reply along with the design you need.

2. I will collect the btc and I would make the purchase on behalf of you and get them shipped to me.

3. From there I would be re-shipping to other states for forum members. We all know that India Post has a very low shipping cost and I guess the total cost for shipping from me to you would be around less than 100 INR.

Why am I doing this?

I don’t charge any extra costs apart from the shipping prices and if possible some negligible fee for packaging costs. If we ship from yogg to India (i.e to me) that would save us a majority of shipping fee and also would help us to buy this bitcointalk collectible in a very cheaper price. If there is more interest, we can ask yogg for any discount on this group buy as well.

For example, if we order 8 cards on total, the total shipping to me would cost around only 8€ i.e 1€ per card and from there around 50-100 INR to reshipping it to you. I am sure people involved in crypto and particularly in this forum wouldn't have a great deal in spending 15 EUR for a collectible card.

Another problem is that, myself or someone order it as a single card, we would need to pay 8 EUR for this and if purchasing through the group buy we can save costs on shipping. The card itself is must have for any bitcointalk user in my opinion.  :)

Import Fees :

I have received collectibles from various countries (USA, EU) to India and there is a VAT fee only for Silver items. Cards and other coins are never charged and is absolutely free of cost as far as I know.

Willing to hear other’s opinions and suggestions on this!

Title: Re: [INTEREST CHECK] Group Buy for 10th anniversary Bitcointalk Coldkey collectible
Post by: Heisenberg_Hunter on November 24, 2019, 09:37:13 AM

Title: Re: [INTEREST CHECK] Group Buy for 10th anniversary Bitcointalk Coldkey collectible
Post by: chronicsky on November 25, 2019, 06:42:35 AM
I absolutely love the polymerbit and geophpheigh design

bummer i already ordered mine  :(

But am sure- someone will turn up, these are really cool and merely ~1000 INR per coldkey.

it's not everyday that you get a 10th year anniversary of this wonderful forum ;)

About the import fees, the package needs to be under 5000 INR including the shipping. Otherwise there will likely be a import fee.
I have had instances where a package of 2000 got taxed and fee and some where even 20000 didn't got any tax or fee.
But the rule is, 5000 INR+ and you get fee most of the times.

PS - probably post this in local board instead of marketplace, not many people check marketplace. Also, you're doing a group buy, not trading. So no one should have problem with this being in Local Board

Title: Re: [INTEREST CHECK] Group Buy for 10th anniversary Bitcointalk Coldkey collectible
Post by: jayguar on December 01, 2019, 07:10:06 AM
I thought only the 3 winners of the contest would have their designs made for the limited edition coldkeys. Glad to see the designs of all finalists are being made.

Title: Re: [INTEREST CHECK] Group Buy for 10th anniversary Bitcointalk Coldkey collectible
Post by: amishmanish on December 11, 2019, 04:21:24 AM
I like the polymerbit. None of the others speak to me. So if the target for tbe groupbuy is 8. Consider +1 from me.

I could have opted for more but polymerbit is the only one resonating with me. Also, I have been too lazy in getting to the details of physical collectibles but would be interested in them much more.

Title: Re: [INTEREST CHECK] Group Buy for 10th anniversary Bitcointalk Coldkey collectible
Post by: Heisenberg_Hunter on December 11, 2019, 07:35:45 AM
Glad you like the crypto collectibles and Welcome to the Indian collectibles community  8)

Regarding the groupbuy I don't think much of them here are interested in spending €15 or probably they are really concerned about giving away the addresses. Polymerbit are one of the most sort out brilliant collectible note makers in the market and their unique design speaks for themselves. See here for the new Friday release on the "Birds of The World" series: [ANN] [ON SALE FRI] Emperor Penguin Loaded Note (

Physical crypto collectibles are one of the most un-researched areas according to Indian crypto community, but they are among the safest ways for you to invest money instead of trading the shitcoins. I am pretty much sure we won't lose any money in terms of USD or INR if you buy items which isn't the case for shitcoins. I am a newbie and small time collector and no where near to any of the serious collectors out here in our forum. You should probably check the Collectibles ( board to know about the beauty of these collectibles and the kind-heartedness of collectors there.  I would surely say, the best people of this forum are present in collectibles board and you won't find that very often :)