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Title: ✅[ANN] Needyex - New trading platform ✅ stay tune ✅
Post by: DBIXDBIX on January 04, 2020, 03:54:40 PM
Check out the new Needyex exchange,listing ETH tokens promotion is valid for the first three tokens, contact me for more information on telegram

Needy will be the queen in Needyex ,with dedicated market and many pairs,we want to list as many charity coins we can ,because we want to involve all people working in this field “charity”. 30% of monthly incomes from the sales of coin ,trading fees, and listing fees ,will be send to charity associations.

Listing directory "Needyex"

Coinmarketcap (

Coinpaprika (

Listing price for the first three ICO projects is 200$ for three trading pairs BTC ,LTC ,DOGE

My name is Dusan Lukic , main Teslafunds developer

You can contact me on telegram @TeslafundsTSF