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Title: Welcome to the Tandem (TDM) Bounty
Post by: IBCMedia on January 21, 2020, 12:04:31 PM

What is Tandem?

Tandem is the smartest P2P trading platform offering P2P trading in 25+ fiat currencies across 50+ countries. Conventionally most of the successful P2P platforms are primarily on a desktop version. This highly limits how users interact with crypto. Our survey concluded that over 60% of P2P traders would prefer a mobile version, and therefore we have packaged the essence and flavour of P2P trading in an entirely new bottle and launched a mobile-only interface. So, people can enjoy all the features of P2P trading, on the go.
Tandem has the strong backing of crypto originals (Brock Pierce, Michael Terpin, Jaron Lukas) and traditional finance stalwarts (Chris Yoshida from Carlyle Group). Tandem believes in merging the best principles of cryptosphere and traditional finance to educate and empower the masses.

Why Tandem? ???

  • Lowest fees in P2P market (as low as 0%)
  • Highest referral rewards in P2P market (up to 75%)
  • Dynamic pricing: Traders can set premium/discount to market price so they donít have to change prices every time the market moves against them
  • One of the first P2P platforms to introduce a native token
  • Optional KYC*

Community Rewards BTC

  • Download app and sign-up: 1000 tokens
  • Referral: 250 tokens per referral once they download the app and sign-up
  • Trading: 5 tokens for $1 of trading volume (2.5 tokens to seller, 2.5 tokens to buyer)
  • Early registrations who received credits will receive proportional tokens in a 5:1 ratio


The primary utility of TDM is in paying discounted fees on the platform. In future the tokens may also be used for in-app purchases or educational courses.

Please note that the team is working towards listing the project on leading exchanges and there is no guarantee at the moment of such listing. However the utility will be available on the platform regardless of any listing.

*T&C Apply. Please visit for more information.

For Any Queries Reach us :

Follow us on

Download the mobile application from

Title: Re: Welcome to the Tandem (TDM) Bounty
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