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Title: GET protocol - a project making a difference in the ticketing world
Post by: Adnanzzz on February 04, 2020, 07:45:43 AM
I'd like to introduce you to a gem that hasn't really been discovered by the crypto community yet.

GET is a blockchain protocol that offers ticketing companies the abbility to issue digital tickets, ending scalping and fraud. So far 3 ticketing companies run on it:

1) GUTS: sold close to 400.000 tickets, runs fully on the GET protocol
2) ITIX: sells over 2 million tickets/year. Is being integrated now and will run fully on the GET protocol
3) A new Korean ticketing company: will be announced soon. Is already selling GET-fueled tickets and apparently it will involve k-pop stars.

Dozens of other ticketing companies from several countries have shown interest of moving their ticketing to GET protocol.  Doing so is a low investment while they get several benefits by making their tickets digital:

1) the tickets can't be scalped or frauded with. This is a huge problem in the industry right now. Bots buy up tickets for popular events and resell them for 2x,3x,5x and more the original price. There is no added value to the buyer nor to the seller.

What GET is offering is a waterproof system like popular Dutch comedian Jochem Myjer tweeted recently (not one ticket has been resold at a bigger price on the secondary market):

2) Crowd control
3) Easy marketing
4) Interaction with fans
5) Dynamic price setting
And much more...

Now what does this adoption and usecase mean to the tokenholders?

You can compare GET to a gas that is needed to fuel the protocol (every state change of the ticket needs to be registered). So for every ticket sold GET is bought back from the open market and burned.

Scarcity should be the ultimate goal when investing in utility tokens because that's what will drive the price up. It is projected that at least 50% of the supply will be burned by 2022 and all that because of adoption and ticketing companies needing GET.

The big expansion is yet to come but you can track the expected buyback and burn numbers on a website a community member created:

It basically tracks everything that's happening on the blockchain and projects the buyback/burn numbers based on the last buyback/burn. In that last quarter close to 100.000 tokens were burned.

 Some of the Dutch artists that sell their tickets through the GET protocol:

- Kensington
- Jochem Myjer
- Guus Meeuwis
- Blf
- ADE Osbcura
- ....

And many festivals. Basically every Dutch artist who isn't tied to a long contract and is indenpendent is working with GET/GUTS. Now the focus is international expansion.

GET protocol has done zero marketing in the crypto world but focused on building a product and creating real world adoption. Now that they have that adoption and are ready to scale, they have decided to start marketing the product in the crypto community. The goal of this is to create liquidity on the markets as the ticketing companies will need to buy a lot of GET from the market. That's why they partnered up with Kakao's Klaytn. Kakao is a huge company in South Korea and will open up the ticketing market for them. Listing on major exchanges is also expected in Q2 of this year.

Basically I consider this to be a gem that hasn't been discovered by the crypto masses. It has adoption, great tokenomics, solves a real issue through blockchain and has huge growth potential.

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