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Title: Increase your capital with Business Club Token BCT and Active Wallet
Post by: criptoflex on February 04, 2020, 08:00:04 AM
What is Business Club?
Business Club is a crypto-ecosystem consisting of an innovative digital wallet, a proprietary, original token, a decentralized, unique block chain network, a social media platform, secure file hosting, cloud services and more, founded in 2018.

When did Business Club start?
The Business Club Dashboard was launched on January 5, 2020 f.
It is a really brand new Opportunity for everyone.

Who is behind the Business Club?
The Business Club is owned by Blockchain Business Solutions and is registered in the Republic of Malta under number C-92788. The company employs 40 people in two offices in Valletta (Malta) and Zurich (Switzerland).

Business Club & Active Wallet Introduction Video ->

What are the Products& Services of Business Club?
- Business Club Active Wallets
- Business Club Token
-  Business Club Blockchain (with Explorer)
-  Crypto-currencies Payment cards
-  File hosting cloud services
- Social media Platform
-  Business Club Live Transmission
-  Business Club Easy Mall

Which Cryptocurrency supports the Business Club Wallet?
How can I purchase BCT or in which Currency can I payout my daily Profits?
Bitcoin – Ethereum - Bitcoin Cash – Ripple – Monero – DASH – Litecoin – Tether (USDT)

What are the Conditions of Business Club?
Starting from 100$ to earn daily Bonus
0.3-0.4% per day, average 10% per month.
The rewards are distributed daily.
Your Deposit (Coins) 85% can be withdrawn at any time without any Penalty Fee.
The remaining 15% will be released after 45 days. Also without any fee.
No Instant Exchange Fee’s
Really long termed Compensation Plan for Referrals – Company doesn’t pay commission forever, only one time commission depending on Deposit Value of referral
Intelligent Ranking System to keep whole Ecosystem Live
BCT Crypto Cards are available!

What makes Business Club Unique?
BCT is a Switzerland Company – everybody knows the Reputation of Switzerland in Finance!
BCT has his own Blockchain with Explorer
BCT is not a Trading Bot or Trading Company
BCT is not a Post Box Company – owns real Offices and Employees -> Business Club office walkaround
BCT has limited supply – 720 Million Coins would be generated. First come, first served!

How can access Business Club?
Android App :
Web :
iOS users will soon be able to download BTC from the App Store.

FAQ Page :

Block Explorer :