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Title: [ANN] Bitwin24 - The first BLOCKCHAIN LOTTERY with Masternodes - ENGLISH
Post by: bitwin24 on March 15, 2020, 05:30:41 PM
German ANN here / Deutsche Ankündigung hier:

with Masternodes, “WinChain” and a Referral System


Technical documents and channels:

White Paper: You can download our white paper here:

General key data

BITWIN24 is the first global blockchain-based lottery with masternodes, “WinChain” and a referral system. The lottery is forgery-proof and the winning combination is generated on the Bitcoin blockchain. The jackpot is paid out automatically through a smart contract to all participating winners. The innovation lies within the so called “WinChain”, which allows multiple people to win from one single winning ticket.

The participation in the lottery is possible with traditional fiat currencies, as well as with cryptocurrencies. With the BitWin24 (BWI) coin, players get additional discounts on each ticket. The BWI coins can be obtained through scraping with masternodes or bought on exchange platforms.

The possibility to participate with cryptocurrencies allows the BitWin24 lottery to be played by everyone around the world. Barriers such as currency restrictions that are normally imposed by traditional lotteries become a thing of the past.

The potential for a constantly growing community of participants and the resulting high jackpots is enormous:

BitWin24 lottery introduction video:

Problems and solutions

BitWin24 is tapping into a rapidly growing market that is not affected negatively by economic stagnation, making it the perfect long-term investment.

8,7% growth rate in 2018
A total revenue of 302,3b USD
Forecasted growth of 173,5b USD until 2022

However, the lottery market today is tainted with prejudices that demand a lot of commitment from the industry and its reputable companies to build customer trust and acquisition.

BitWin24 offers a resolution to the most pressing problems of the sector.

With BitWin24, you can:

- Play a completely forgery-proof lottery
- Explore multiple ways to generate recurring income
- Set up masternodes with 200% ROI as long as 14M Coins are sold (5,50 EUR each BWI Coin)

The advantages of BitWin24

Maximum fairness and transparency of draws and payouts:
The BitWin24 winning combination is generated by the Bitcoin blockchain. Therefore, unlike the case with traditional lotteries, it cannot be tampered, because nobody can predict the Bitcoin hash and manipulate it. Furthermore, the jackpot amount is visible at all times by all participants and the payouts occur through a proprietary-developed smart contract, which removes the possibility of unpaid winnings.

Multiple ways of generating recurring income:
We offer users the possibility to generate recurring income in various ways - through masternodes with 200% ROI, staking, a win-chain referral program, the airdrop program, and, of course, the lottery.

Proprietary developed blockchain:
With our own blockchain that is up to the latest and highest standards, we overcome the shortcomings of older blockchain systems such as slow and costly transactions.

Masternodes with 200% ROI:
With the help of masternodes, we are fostering the expansion of our network and are offering other service providers the possibility to participate in the growth and extension of the BitWin24 ecosystem. Masternodes offer a constant ROI of 200% over a number of years as well as the right of participation in the BitWin24 lottery with the generated coins.

Staking rewards:
BitWin24 rewards all participants who are holding their coins in their BitWin24 wallets with passive income through staking contracts.

Exclusive Airdrop program:
All coins purchased before the 31.06.2020 become eligible for the airdrop program. The airdrop program profit participation rights to each coin of 10% of ALL future winnings made on BitWin24, enabling a lifetime source of passive income with unlimited potential.

WinChain referral system:
The WinChain referral system is the first of its kind. People who refer BitWin24 to others build their own betting pools and get a percentage of all winnings made by players in their betting pool. This concept allows for an unlimited degree of profit participation in the winnings of hundreds of others, greatly incentivizing people to spread the word about BitWin24 and be active inside the ecosystem. Additionally, the WinChain synergizes perfectly with the airdrop program, making it even more lucrative for early investors to become eligible for the airdrop.

Discover more advantages of BitWin24:

The BitWin24 masternodes and staking

Solid wealth accumulation is always built on several pillars. This is exactly what we are offering with our exclusive masternodes.

Master nodes are network nodes, each of which represents the entire blockchain. The operator receives 80% of each block he validates as a reward for operating the master nodes and for confirming transactions. To operate a master node, it is recommended to have a  server that is available around the clock. Generally, a virtual server (VPS) with low requirements is sufficient for this purpose. For the operation of a master node, it is required to deposit a minimum amount of 3000 BWI (also known as collateral) for the duration of this service. The deposit of the coins for the operation of the master node can be released at any time.

The rewards that every masternode owner receives are proportional to the deposited amount. The common term for these rewards is "Return On Investment" (ROI). In this case, the term ROI is comparable to the classical interest rate of an investment, which is calculated in percentage for the fixed period of one year.

Why have we decided to implement masternodes? There is a growing demand for masternodes in the cryptocurrency market, which are currently providing one of the most reliable ways to generate passive income from crypto. Furthermore, our team has already gathered extensive experience in the operation of a master node pool with well over 1500 BTC size. Thus, we have detailed knowledge of the demand factors in the market.

After months of development and planning, we came up with a special USP and paired use case with the BitWin24 lottery which offers a win-win scenario for everyone involved. Since the BitWin24 ecosystem is running on its own blockchain, we will need support in validating the blocks (transactions) made on its blockchain. Masternode operators are offered both stability and a lucrative ROI with constant 200% p.a. over several years for validating transactions and thus supporting the ecosystem. At the same time, they can participate in the lottery with the generated coins under special conditions.

Learn more about masternodes:
Check our GitHub page:

Staking has the same function as masternodes. The only difference is that there is no fixed amount of coins required to enter - any number of coin transactions can be validated. As a trade off for this added level of flexibility, the rewards are reduced to 20% of the value of each validated block compared to 80% for masternodes.

The number of coins in the wallet define when the network node with active staking receives rewards for validating transactions. The higher the number of coins in the wallet, the more often the rewards are granted.

Technical specifications

Coin symbol: BWI
Algorithm: PoS (Proof of Stake)
Block size: 2 MB
Block time: 60 seconds
Transaction per second: 173 TPS (theoretical maximum)
Masternode: yes, 3 000 BWI per masternode
Staking: yes, without a minimum deposit of coins

Standard ports
mainnet:    24072
rpcmain:    24073

7 000 000 BWI

Maximum amount of coins in circulation
21 000 000 BWI (like Bitcoin)

Number of coins per block
The number of coins per block is dynamic and depends on the actual number of coins in circulation, as well as on the active masternodes. Prior to the generation of each block, the network is reexamined and the rewards are updated in order to reach the defined ROI (Return On Investment).

Transaction conditions
Minimal number for sending a transaction: 6 confirmations

In order to create a masternode, one must deposit a collateral of 3000 BWI. The wallet must be online, set up for the service and initiated.

Maturity of the coins after staking: 101 confirmations until an approval is granted (approximately 2h).
Wallet status: The wallet must be continuously online and decrypted for the staking.

With the Airdrop program during the presale, we are offering all investors who contributed no later than 30.06.2020 to get a stake in the lottery and obtain a percentage of all future winnings made by BitWin24 participants. For a precise definition and more information please check the next chapter “The BitWin24 Airdrop”.

Rewards per block
Phase 1:    200% ROI for up to 14 million coins in circulation
Phase 2:   100% ROI for more than 14 million coins in circulation
Phase 3:    50% ROI for more than 17 million coins in circulation
Phase 4:    25% ROI for more than 18 million coins in circulation
Phase 5:    12,5% ROI for more than 19 million coins in circulation
Phase 6:    6% ROI for more than 20 and up to 21 million coins in circulation

BitWin24 Explorer:

The BitWin24 Airdrop

BitWin24 offers all BWI investors the possibility to gain the lifetime right of profit participation in all future winnings of the BitWin24 lottery. 10% of the value of every win made on the BitWin24 lottery are distributed among all BWI Coins with Airdrop qualification. This way you earn money with every winning draw! The only condition is that you have to get your BWI coins before 30.06.2020 in order to be eligible for the airdrop.

Here is an example on how it works: You hold 100.000 BWI coins out of the total 1 million BWI coins that are eligible for the airdrop. The jackpot of 1 million EUR is hit on the first draw. 10% of this 1 million EUR (100.000,- EUR) are distributed among the airdrop investors. With your stake of 100.000 BWI (10%), you automatically win 10.000 EUR - without the need to get lucky to hit the jackpot or in fact do anything at all.

This is applicable to all future winnings made in the BitWin24 ecosystem!

Learn more about the Airdrop:

The BitWin24 WinChain

By referring BitWin24 to other people, you build your own betting pool. If a member of the pool wins, all referring participants are awarded proportionally from the payout of the winner.

We call this referral system “WinChain”. It is deeply rooted within the lottery and is the first of its kind in the industry. Thanks to it, our active customers can directly profit from each win made inside their referral structure. This helps BitWin24 to grow its user base in the long term with great potential.

The facts at a glance:
Active referring members can profit directly from all paid out winnings inside their betting pool up to the 12th level
The WinChain allows for the natural creation of betting pools
We are calling the model “WinChain”, because all members of a betting pool are granted profit participation
The one’s own win chances in a lottery game are therefore multiplied
One always wins whenever one of their partners wins
Each referring member also acquires a provision of the revenue generated through ticket sales to people referred by him down the line

Learn more about the WinChain:

The BitWin24 CoinSale

Keep in mind that the airdrop program will be available only to investors who contributed before the 31.06.2020!

Exchange rate: 1 BWI = 5,50 EUR, 1 BWI ~ 0,00066 BTC

Start CoinSale: Official start on 15th March 2020
End CoinSale: Official end on 1st July 2020

Minimum investment: 100,- EUR

Hard capital: 7.000.000 BWI

Payment methods: Credit Card, SEPA, BTC, ETH, Apple Pay

Airdrop Coins:   Special offer for investors! Only available until the official start of the BitWin24 lottery.

BWI Masternode: 3000 BWI per Masternode with a stunning ROI of 200%


November 2019
- Introduction of BitWin24
- Launch for the existing customer base and key investors
- Presale BWI Coin
- Activation of the BWI wallet
- Presale of masternodes
- BitWin24 company foundation
- Start of the community building

December 2019
- Public sale of BWI master nodes
- Advantage for all Getnode members
- Possibility of PMN hosting at Getnode

March 2020
- Listing BWI Masternodes at
- Global CoinSale Launch
- Referral Marketing
- Start Web Wallet Staking

August 2020
- Public ticket sales for the first draw
- Launch of the BitWin24 lottery platform
- Listing of the BWI Coins in trade via Exchanges/Multiwallets (Bittrex, Binance, Kraken, Bitpanda, Poloniex, Livecoin, Bitlish, etc.)

- Expansion of the BWI lottery
- Tapping into further markets
- Establishing BitWin24 as a TOP brand in the lottery and betting industry

Mid 2021
- Expansion of the BitWin24 platform
- API development to existing lotteries and gambling platforms
- BWI as a means of payment for games, lottery tickets, etc...
- Close partnerships and develop joint solutions

Financial info

Coin info

Coin: BWI
Max. supply: 21 000 000 BWI
Coins for sale: 7 000 000 BWI
Platform: BitWin24 Platform at
Type: Coin for BitWin24 blockchain
Price in CoinSale: 1 BWI = 5,50 EUR
Private sale: 09.11.2019 — 15.03.2020
Main sale: 15.03.2020 — 01.07.2020
BitWin24 Explorer:

Only BWI coins purchased before the 31.06.2020 will be eligible for the airdrop program!

Investment info:
Accepting: FIAT, Credit Card, SEPA, BTC, ETH, Apple Pay