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Title: The Bitmain Farm Scammers are back with a new domain:
Post by: tihancristiangabriel on March 26, 2020, 12:21:43 AM
They have created a second site where you can buy fake mining power. Please do not buy anything from them, everything is a lie and you will run out of money.
To trick you will give you profit on small mining packages, then when you take large mining package you will not receive any profit and your account will be closed.

They had domain and tricked hundreds of people, now they have returned with the same design to the site, but with another name

Registrar:, Inc.
Registered On: 2020-02-15
Expires On: 2021-02-15
Updated On: 2020-02-20

To attract you, they will pay you the first 3 days, then no longer respond to email / chat.
The evidence is here:

There is no connection between Bitmain China and Bitmine Farm.
They stole over 260 BTC with

let's take the money of this scammer by clicking everyday on his google ads (he will loose money)..

Type on     bitmain farm and click on  Google Ads

----------REPORT HIS GOOGLE  Account ADS -----------------------------

How to report

Method 1:

Go to
Select Search ad
Select Other
Your email:
Provide additional details: Scammers trying to steal people money, fake sales for bitcoin, or other reason.

Method 2:

Go to

Click on the blue text == > Removing content from Google troubleshooter

Report content that you'd like removed from Google
Use our Removing content from Google troubleshooter to report content that you believe warrants removal from Google's services based on applicable laws.
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Title: Re: The Bitmain Farm Scammers are back with a new domain:
Post by: on November 04, 2020, 08:48:54 AM
How to get our money back from Bitmine.Farm/ scammer/fraud

Do not invest, Bitmine.Farm is scam and fraudulence.This site is great scammer.
If you are a victim of Bitmine.Farm/
Search destination wallet address that you paid for it on
This survey will show you where your destination wallet is or where your money has been transferred.
You will find that the destination wallet is located in  and all fraudulent money from you has been transferred to company.
Complain against and get all your money back.
Hodltech O companey is doing business as and is registered in Estonia, operating licenses issued by the Estonian Police and Border Guard (Numbers FVR000390 and FRK000318).
You need to send an email to:
 (Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit email address).