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Title: 🔥ROCOCO Exchange🔥
Post by: RococoExchange on June 19, 2020, 08:28:38 AM

The ROCOCO exchange,by aggregating the world's top young talents in blockchain, games, computers, crypto currency and other fields, with innovative and interesting thinking, creates industry alliance-style application ecology of new blockchain game exchange to achieve value circulation and interaction purely and completely, to promote further prosperity of the whole industry.

ROCOCO links multiple high-quality resources and has a professional technical R&D team; In addition to the top-level underlying technology developers, there are also a group of outstanding game industry veterans in the R&D team. Basing on many years of experience in the game field, they devote to creating a “experiential”and “valuable”game ecology.

Technical advantages
ROCOCO has a top independent R&D risk management system, uses efficient intelligent memory matchmaking technology, supports 100,000 transactions per second, provides 7X24-hour continuous service, and also supports intelligent warning and clod&hot wallet isolated storage solutions to make transactions more relieved, circulation more convenient and payment safer.

Project advantages
ROCOCO will launch a mining game on the chain which users can participate to snatch the ROC mining pool quota. The winners of the mining game will get the pool quota, and the losers will get USDT rewords. With the unmodifiable technical feature of block chain and the concept “new mining model, dramatic deflation mechanism” of ROCOCO, everyone can be the winner.

According to the official news, the platform is expected to be launched at 8:00(GMT-5) on 24th for the users in America area. The other users can register this platform from 27th June and subscribe for initial  RT coins, the tickets for participating mining game, on 28th-30.  

Official website: (
Official telegram: (
Official twritter: (

Title: Re: 🔥ROCOCO Exchange🔥
Post by: Law Alan on June 24, 2020, 08:51:17 AM
May I have the exchange link?  ???

Title: Re: 🔥ROCOCO Exchange🔥
Post by: layoutph on June 25, 2020, 10:32:21 AM
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