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Title: Lionsshare: Another Forsage Ponzi Investment Scheme
Post by: Princejebs on July 27, 2020, 07:22:04 PM
While I was going through this section last month, I saw thread about Forsage Investment Scheme and how they luring Newbie into smart contract Ponzi scheme and referral.

Today, I saw something similar/ same to Forsage and its called LIONSSHARE. it was lunch just last month and they seems to have accumulated about 67,623 users globally and its growing.

Lionís Share claim to be a decentralized Ethereum Smart Contract that has been deployed directly on the blockchain which every user need 0.04ETH to get started.
They also promised to offer a peer to peer matrix compensation plan that pays 100% commissions directly and instantly to their members.
Becareful guys, invest wisely.

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