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Title: group buy => handmade BTC facemasks
Post by: mocacinno on August 15, 2020, 08:25:58 AM
I'm working together with the owner of to start a group buy of

"custom, hand-made, bitcoin-themed facemasks"!

The masks are made of washable materials bought in the EU, and handmade by the store's owner.

These masks do not exist yet, there is no stock, they'll only be produced if i succeed in getting downpayments for >10 masks. Why? Because obtaining custom-printed, high-quality cotton is quite expensive. If i can't find 10 people that want a bitcoin facemask on Bitcointalk, the owner won't be able to ROI after having to buy the fabric.

The theme used for the masks will be very basic and look like this:

IF you own the rights to an other bitcoin-theme, we could defenately have a look at it, and see if we can get it custom-printed aswell!

This is how the facemasks will look (but using bitcoin-themed fabric)

It's perfectly fine to resell these items, or if you're from a big geographic area you can pool together to save on portage costs.

What's the price?
12,5 + shipping & handling . Sending from Belgium, either tracked (and insured) or untracked (at receiver's risk)

preffered payment method = Bitcoin (on-chain or via the LN). LTC or ETH are also accepted.

How to get your own bitcoin-themed facemask?
  • contact me on this thread, or via PM. Tell me you country (not your address), the coin you'd like to use and the amount of masks you would like to buy
  • i'll be in rather close contact with the owner, so you'll get a quote in < 2 working days
  • if you accept the quoted amount, i'll send you an address or a lightning invoice (i can provide a signature with an address i staked back in 2016)
  • the owner wants a downpayment of at least 40% of the total quoted amount. The downpayment will be kept by me OR by a trusted thirth party bitcointalk escrow (buyer pays the escrow's fee). The downpayment is non-refundable in case you decide to get out of the deal. It is meant to cover part of the costs of the fabric the owner will buy.
  • as soon as 10 people have pre-ordered their facemask, the owner will order the custom-printed material and create the facemasks. There is no 100% guarantee the fabric will be 100% the same as the one in the picture (it'll depend on the printing company)
  • you'll have to send the rest of the money either to me or to a trusted escrow (exceptions can be made for highly trusted accounts). At this point, you'll also have to give me your address (can be encrypted using my private key, via email, via PM, or via privnote)
  • the masks will be shipped to you

If i don't succeed in finding 10 candidates before the end of september, all downpayments will be reimbursed 100%. Make sure i can contact you to exchange reimbursement details (either via PM or via e-mail).

If i do find at least 10 interested candidates, the first masks will probably be shipped around the end of September-first weeks of October.

Title: Re: group buy => handmade BTC facemasks
Post by: StonksStonksStonks on August 16, 2020, 02:22:43 AM
if you dont get a group for it, the alternative way to do this is to buy Bitcoin Socks and use this method

Title: Re: group buy => handmade BTC facemasks
Post by: mocacinno on September 08, 2020, 11:50:09 AM
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