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Title: I think hyper inflation not problem aml kyc helping and btc
Post by: Polo7 on October 16, 2020, 12:09:49 AM
I think the hyperinflation not a problem.
The solution is crisis.
I guess every year or so plus government can do debt forgiveness and complete restart.
Universal income also

Its just After 10 years crisis get use to it then Everything will start Again...
The Fiat currencies are so great that Elite Don't have really Plan to kill Fiat currencies.

Im sure the Trump and Elite like the World how it is.
Also I Don't complain either the money printing makes cryptocurrency going up too.
So I think the debt and this money printing is beneficial.

And I think the Old way let it be... After 10years just little crisis then it will start like new game.
They have now strong aml kyc Rules all over the World so They can track the money and too much money can be eliminated and inflation rate will be normal Again.

Off Course people complain but this sysyem keeping capitalism going on and people with skills will just serve people who Got capital.

And bitcoin will be just instutionlized.
If you know the game you can be good Player in this Economic game.. Interesting times will start