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Title: KnoxFS (KFX) News
Post by: thangwook on December 30, 2020, 09:48:02 PM
Hello Community!,

There has been many changes to KnoxFS.  First is that we needed to created a new post for KnoxFS since the first posting was by the original founders. 

Please see below excerpt from our New Project Lead, Robin Kuipers, on our KnoxFS Discord Server.

"Hello everybody! Today i want to tell you a little bit more about what KnoxFS is all about and what has changed ever since the founders left the project. With this announcement Iím pre-empting on a more official whitepaper that will follow early next year.

As you might know, the founders of Aegeus/KnoxFS were aiming to build a decentralized storage network based on IPFS technology. Except for a very basic alpha version in 2019, they have not been able to achieve this goal. Nowadays there are multiple decentralized storage networks available. For instance the Sia network (Skynet), Storj, and BitTorrent. But also Filecoin, a project that was heavily funded and took years to go live.  We believe it is no longer necessary, nor realistic, to build yet another storage network.  But we do still very much believe in the demand for decentralized storage solutions. An ever growing group of people do not trust their data and their privacy to be carefully handled by big tech corps such as Facebook, Google and Apple.  Big companies make money on your data, and often violate your privacy. And in some countries it can even be very risky to trust data to commercial companies, especially in regards to politically sensitive data.

Itís therefor no surprise that decentralized storage is becoming very popular and the infrastructures are ready to be utilized. But these infrastructures are all very new, Filecoin launched just a few months ago, and there are not yet many storage applications available yet.  And this is what KnoxFS wants to change! We expect a growing demand for decentralized storage applications, the infrastructure is ready, and we will build the tools to utilize these networks. And the KFX coin will be a currency to pay for the required storage resources, regardless of the type of application.
There are many applications possible. For example Dropbox/Onedrive alternatives, video platforms, backup tools, hosting, file sync tools, blogs, etc, etc. It has not been decided which tools we will develop. However, there are a few options that have our interest. For instance a webbased file storage platform. Later on I will name an existing website that is already generating revenues, that has an active userbase. But also a mobile app to sync your photo library, as an alternative to iCloud. And third, a tool to make an offsite backup from a NAS to a decentralized storage network.
These are just a couple of examples of which we believe that there might be a large potential userbase and potential income to be generated. We are open to any suggestions or ideas. Please share your input with us.
I mentioned a few existing networks. The one that we are now working with, is Skynet from SIA. We choose this network because of the APIís and the opensource tools that are freely available.  Very soon we will be able to show and demonstrate what is possible with Skynet. The next two months we will be working on expanding our dev team, finalizing multi-tier MVPís for demonstration purposes, reaching out to the Sia dev community and creating a development budget. This should all come together in a new whitepaper and roadmap, which then can be used to attract new investors.

With the Cryo period end-date in mind, we want to have a functional beta version of the first storage application ready by the end of May.  By that time it should become clear what the marketpotential is of the applications that we are building, and want to build further down the road.

Let me finish this announcement by repeating what I wrote before; the KnoxFS team is closely looking at market demand for storage solutions, with a business perspective. In other words, we will build tools that can generate revenues and drive demand for the KFX coin.

Please follow our updates, thanks for joining our community, and support us in any way you can."

Please visit our Discord Server for details.


Title: Re: KnoxFS (KFX) News
Post by: thangwook on January 04, 2021, 05:35:36 PM
Cool Down With KnoxFS KFX Ice Drop On The VAULT Platform!

:postal_horn: Dear KnoxFS Community,

Please go to your Vault account and find yourself a very nice KFX ice drop! :heart_eyes:

All Vault accounts received KFX in ICE to start off their shares

:trophy: All VAULT platform users at the time of the initial ice drop received 10 KFX! Plus, ice wallets that reach at least 50 KFX (initial ice drop + deposits + rewards) by January 31st 2021 will get an additional 10 KFX early bird bonus ice drop! These coins will remain frozen until you fill your ice wallet to 100 KFX (10% of a masternode) and then rewards can be earned as a 10% share!

KnoxFS have stipulated that all ice wallets unfilled by March 31st 2021 will be returned to the team.
You keep all coins you deposit, with only ice-dropped coins and all rewards being claimed back.

How It Works
It will grow slowly, naturally through accumulation of rewards with compound interest.
You can also help it grow faster by depositing KFX coins to your ice wallet.

Go check out that KFX ice on VAULT Platform: and if you need any KFX coins you can buy Coin Packs directly from VAULT platform:

Up to 90 days of maximum rewards with no hosting fee. The faster you fill your ice drop wallet, the sooner you start earning rewards to your standard wallet! :muscle:

Isn't that a great start of the new year?  Have fun and thank you all for your support.

Title: Re: KnoxFS (KFX) News
Post by: thangwook on January 18, 2021, 07:34:46 PM
Hello KnoxFS community! 

We can proudly announce that KnoxFS has been listed on Blockfolio !  We invite everyone to follow us on the Blockfolio app, that is a renowned information platform for crypto investors.  We intend to post regular project updates on Blockfolio Signal, ranging from technical news to marketing updates, and create more awareness for our project.  The first post was just sent out :grinning:    Oh, and stay tuned for more updates.

Title: Re: KnoxFS (KFX) News
Post by: thangwook on January 18, 2021, 07:40:57 PM
Hello Community!

Here is a development update from our Project Manager

Development status
As promised last week, we will post at least once every week to keep you up to date with our latest technical news.

Development team
The goal of the last few days has been to grow the development team. But currently, we especially want developers to get to know each other and know how to work together and serenely. We have integrated in recent weeks @Zeno Sama and @Shoki which will help @LuisLeon  to develop the solution. The development of the backend (creation of the database under boltdb, the creation and connection of APIs to connect to storage spaces: local and on Sia network, make the code modular ...) is managed by @LuisLeon. And the frontend, originally developed by @LuisLeon is now continued by @Zeno Sama and @Shoki (ReactJS language).
@Shoki in a few days, will also help us create mockups of user screens

KnoxFS Technical Infrastructure
A technical whitepaper has been created but is still being drafted. We should be able to communicate on it also in the coming weeks.
We have several VPS available for development and deployment, and the KnoxFS community has also volunteered to provide us with new vps to test the solution deployment in a few weeks. Big thanks!
Initially, the solution will run on VPS with Ubuntu 20.04.
We will see to make the deployment and the running of the solution compatible on new OS a little later (CentOS, ...)

Current solution
Already indicated in previous communications, the first version of the solution (MVP1) will allow you to upload and download files through a web interface (GUI). Your files will be stored securely locally on our infrastructure and all the metadata of the file is saved in boltbd database.
After the delivery of this first version, we will work on improving the functioning of the solution and on the next developments. We have several avenues that we will submit to the community (integration into the decentralized Sia network, automated and decentralized deployment of a complete node, integration of the KFX token into the solution ecosystem, ...)
Many use cases are also possible. @RobinK_1978 has talked about these use cases before and please feel free to submit your ideas

Title: Re: KnoxFS (KFX) News
Post by: thangwook on January 20, 2021, 07:40:10 PM
Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. Ever since Altilly closed down, we are looking for a suitable second exchange next to Crex24.  It's not likely that Altilly will re-open within a few months and some our community members have difficulties trading on Crex24, especially from the US. I have done a lot of research on exchanges the past month, and spoke to many listing agents.  Some exchanges are too big and too expensive, some are too small, and others are somewhat dodgy.  We were looking for an honest exchange, that fits the current phase of our project. An exchange that we can afford, doesn't have too strict listing and de-listing policies, has real volume and preferably no KYC. Or at least is accesible to all our members.   Based on a positive recommendation from Vault, we have been looking at   This is an exchange based in South America (Argentina). Their daily trade volume is around $100K, but as far as i know they do not allow bots and there is no wash trading. At the moment they do not have KYC procedures, and they offer multiple trading pairs, such as ETH,  BCH, DOGE and LTC.

As you are aware, KnoxFS is a small-cap project with limited budget.  We need your help to raise the listing fee. I have been negotiating the fee with SouthXchange and they are willing to list us for 0.075 btc.  The revenue from coinpack sales is 0.0327 BTC. That means we still need to raise 0.0423 btc to have a total of 0.075 btc.  That means we need to sell approximately 450 KFX with coinpacks. If you want to support KnoxFS and want to see us get listed on SouthXchange, please buy a coinpack at

Thanks in advance, i hope we can soon announce our second exchange!

More info on SouthXchange:

Title: Re: KnoxFS (KFX) News
Post by: thangwook on September 06, 2021, 11:18:33 PM
Hi everybody. this weekend we have passed block 180.000. This means that the blockrewards increased slightly. Masternode rewards went up from 0.379 KFX to 0.402 KFX.

@everyone As you might have noticed this weekend, we have started with first phase of marketing. We have hired a promotor to give a boost to our social media channels.  This will result in more followers on our Twitter, Telegram and Linkedin account. You will also see more social activity on these channels.
Additionally, we have created a KnoxFS Facebook account. It will contain all the relevant project updates, that are also posted on Discord and Telegram. If you are on Facebook, please follow KnoxFS. Thanks!