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Title: Would hardware wallets make local transactions more common?
Post by: leopard2 on March 25, 2014, 09:36:44 PM

one of the major issues with local transactions is where to put the coins. With hardware wallets it would be child's play to upload coins anonymously and safely into the device, without having to use a web wallet or escrow (like localbitcoins does); all you would then need is an open bank to check the cash and then to transfer the coins right there in the bank's lobby  8)

Mobile phones are not the same, a mobile phone is spied upon 24x7 and easier to hack.

So I believe hardware wallets would make btc more commonly used for payments, shopping etc. but ALSO very much for local transactions.

WHICH WE NEED .. with exchanges goxxing people everywhere. >:(

What do you think?  :)