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Title: Doc's White Paper - BAY Going Forward
Post by: BitBayDoc on January 15, 2021, 01:49:14 AM
Doc’s White Paper

In my opinion BTC is considered the “Gold Standard” of Crypto as a store of value. It also has applications as a monetary exchange instrument – one may even purchase Gold with it, if desired.

Lite Coin in my opinion is the “Silver Standard” of Crypto and appears to be designed to be used primarily as a monetary instrument for the masses.

BitBay, by design was intended to be a store of value (due to its recent relative price stability because of its novel Peg to BTC); as well as a monetary instrument for the masses (the first crypto with built in Smart Contracts).

I believe BAY could be even MORE valuable and MORE useful than BTC or Lite Coin in the future.
I believe BAY should be in a special and unique category of Alt Coin – A “Rare Earth” type of Coin. Why?

A “Rare Earth” metal is important in technology and manufacturing. It is also more expensive than Silver (Lite Coin) and even Gold (BTC). Rare Earths may be abundant or scarce. Just like BAY.

BAY Tokens may be liquid (abundant) or Frozen (Rare) – this affects the price. But, one thing BAY has, is it is “Pegged” to a Gold Standard (BTC). BAY’s value is designed to reflect 1/100,000 of BTC’s all time high. This is what gives it it’s strength as a “Stable” coin. BRILLIANT!

So, even though BTC may fluctuate wildly, and is considered the Grand Daddy of all coins, it can still fluctuate wildly – as can all other coins that are not “tethered” to something relatively stable, like the USD or USDT. Therefore, BAY is actually more stable than BTC itself. David Z is a genius!

And even though the USD is considered “stable”, in reality it isn’t, due to the inherent “inflation” or “deflation” of fiat currency over time. For example, the USD has lost 98% of its original value since 1913 when it first came into existence.

NEXT: Over my years of studying Crypto Currency, I noticed the Alt coins I was following and purchased basically followed BTC. When BTC went up, they went up. When BTC went down, they went down. AND, when BTC REALLY went down – the Exchanges closed (lol) - due to “excessive volume”, or “a pipe broke” or whatever! They were closed and you could not access your $. You were S.O.L.

At some point, I found myself trading day and night for six straight months in early 2017. I made a lot of money; but I was burning out and wanted to focus back on my inventions and what I went to school for. So, I made the decision to go all in on BAY and just HODL.

This decision made my life much easier, and I was very happy with the decision - until BAY started getting kicked off exchanges! And why were we getting kicked off exchanges?!?? Because BAY is apparently a real threat to TPTB. Plain and Simple. BAY is decentralized and controlled by its investors. And, it was going to eventually be a TRUE stable coin, once David Z got the Peg done and implemented. This was a huge threat because the Peg basically mutes the effects of Pumps and Dumps in a system that is set up to be completely rigged. I think everyone who is honest with themselves knows this by now.

Being the “Rare Earth” that BAY is has made it the target of incredible harsh trolling (paid), haters and ridicule.

Also the core name BitBay (which is FANTASTIC), is also owned by a Polish Exchange (, and the historically best url ( is owned by God knows who in China, etc. This has made it very, very difficult for people in the beginning to tell the difference between the Exchange and Token. I was one of them.

For example, even now on CMC, a description of BAY also contains a description of the exchange with the unflattering remarks that “BitBay” has been down twice this year – confusing the two. This mix-up is also present on the description of BAY on, the only site I have found that shows a graph of BAY in real time. It’s a HUGE problem, and if you don’t think so you are clearly in denial. I myself was terribly upset at this confusing fact in the beginning as a large investor.

Let’s give credit where credit is due.

David Zimbeck is the primary GENIUS creator of BAY; although many have greatly contributed. But it was his insight and creativity which created the “Peg”. Which I believe makes BAY the best coin on the market. Bar none. Its Brilliant.

David Z created this “Rare Earth” coin. He has literally given his all. Both in mind, spirit and body.

So, when the world’s first Decentralized Exchange ( with a Multi-Sig Wallet is launched, I suggest we do a Fork, and call the new Forked Coin – a ZIMTOSHI (in honor of David Zimbeck and Shatoshi Nakamoto – which can be spent on

Think about it. No more name confusion.
No more Polish Exchange mix-up.
No more confusing reviews mixing the exchange and token with each other’s successes and failures.
No more trolls attacking, belittling and hating our efforts (well, they will probably continue – but name recognition will no longer be a distraction or a real problem).
No more foregone conclusion that when BAY finally gets noticed by the masses, the unknown owners of come out of the shadows and will most likely confuse things even more.

Quite simply it solves a lot of perceived issues, and no more unwanted baggage associated with a name owned by many. Period.

And the good news is, we have the top tier 3 URL’s in our possession/covered –, .net and .org.
No other parasites can F*** with the name moving forward!
This will end the confusion.

A Zimtoshi coin/token coupled with David’s Peg, could ultimately surpass BTC in total market value because it is simply more stable and resistant to pumps and dumps than BTC. BAYs lowest level is set by a mathematical fraction that doesn’t change when BTC goes down from its high. I believe BAY could eventually become even more valuable than BTC itself - the crypto giant that has been the cornerstone of Alt Assets.

I suggest we fork BAY off when we join for a fresh start.
We can use with all of its working features and contracts as its home.

Please think about it. Thank You.