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Title: Nvidia 30xx P-State 3 Mining?
Post by: percy_tc on January 21, 2021, 08:33:01 PM
I've played a lot with MSI afterburner and Nvidia inspector. I've noticed, that under 725mV all Nvidia 30xx card turn into P-State 3 which also lock memory frequency to 5000 Mhz.

over 725mV, please note P-State 2 and mem speec 7800Mhz

under 725mV, please note P-State  3, memory speed 5000 Mhz, BUT GPU speed still above 1300, which is enough for mining.

It is even possible to go as low as 700mV, and GPU can run nicely with 1300Mhz. Reported power consuption is 85W

with Nvidia Inspector there is a possibility to overclock memory in P-State 3, however it does not work.

Does anyone has any idea how to trick P-State 3 memory clock speed?