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Title: Worth a look - DeFi infrastructure with stable coin (under Radar)
Post by: RNosi on January 30, 2021, 09:08:03 AM (Uniswap EMTRG) (MTRG)
Meter is DeFi infrastructure with a low volatility stable coin at its core.
High-performance blockchain which hosts DeFi apps enabling intuitive products for lending, borrowing, synthetic assets Hybrid Consensus Mechanism, Proof of Work to create a low-volatility coin (MTR) for fees and payments, and HotStuff-based Proof of Stake coin (MTRG) to validate transactions.

Hybrid consensus: Up to 1500TPS per chain with super-fast, super secure  ✅
POS: HotStuff based PoS consensus to manage the blockchain ledger ✅
POW: SHA256 Proof of Work Stable coin anchored to the cost of electricity (10kWh) ✅

MeterSwap: Uniswap V2 fork running on the Meter mainnet  (x100 speed of ETH and much lower fees) ✅
EVM: High-performance EVM compatible side chain for Ethereum and other public chains ✅
SmartAMM: Meter’s Smart Automated Market Maker - to improve the DEX experience ✅
Staking: PoS validator or delegate and stake MTRG tokens in DeFi apps ✅
Mining: MTR mining adopts SHA-256 algorithm ✅
On-Chain Auctions: Earn fees paid from on-chain auction; on-chain/cross-chain transactions. ✅
Cross-Chain Interoperability: ETH bridge - transfer between Meter and Ethereum ✅
Security Audit: Slowmist's security audit is available in github ✅
Backers: Pantera, DHVC, GBIC, ZMT Capital ✅
Partnerships: Chainlink, Matic, Alrond, Ankr, Dos Network, Nest, Origin Protocol, STP Network, Tokamak Network, Oasis
Foundation, Suterusu, Razor Network ✅
Supply: Circ supply 2.7M  / Max supply 40M (+15M team tokens to be locked for collateral – AMM pool Liquidity) ✅
IOE price ($0.5) – Currently trading below ✅