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Title: .doc & .xls EXPLOITS STORE (MS Word, MS Excel) (Not-Macro)
Post by: DOCshop on April 19, 2021, 06:36:19 PM
Convert an Exe to DOC.  All DOC versions are compatible.

You will have the max support of our team to guide you through. Our team can help you with whatever you wish and as a result we achieve to provide the Exploit DOC, depending on our clients’ needs.

Web site and purchase:

Here are some of the functions:

- This malware typically arrives as a DOC and EXCEL document sent as an e-mail attachment.
- When the DOC and EXCEL document is run, the Exe file is executed at the same time, along with additional malware.
- Exploit DOC and EXCEL is fully undetectable by antiviruses depending on the tariff chosen. You can't prevent what you can't see!.
- Ability to choose the appropriate exploit.
- Support for each client.

You have the option of choosing from six different tariff plans.
Bitcoin is the only payment method.

Administration, please contact me to get the Proofs.